Milled Bang: mobile negligence

филированная челкаMilled bangs can give the hair dynamism and style only if made by the skillful master, who adjusts the degree of treatment to the hair type. Otherwise trimming makes the hair dull, lifeless and formless. Maybe your type of hair and bangs that you wear or going to do, trimming is not necessary at all. But if your bangs are poorly placed, it may need a stylish trimming, which will revitalize the hair, and will facilitate the installation.


Who needs milled bangs

Almost always milled bangs need women with thick heavy hair, because without a good release any bangs is formless and difficult installation. Women with a round face also preferably milled to do the bangs, refusing direct and clear lines that are able to leverage what I would like to hide. The same goes for women with delicate features, small eyes, thin lips – for better trimming than straight thick bangs, especially with dark hair, can Agrovit delicate features.

The most important factor when choosing milled bangs – the ability to create voluminous hairstyles with movable strands. If bangs properly developed thinning scissors, it is easier to style it better preserves the shape after heat style & creation Hairdryer or forceps.


Direct milled bangs

Direct milled bangs makes a great addition to the Bob haircut or hairstyle with long hair. It will be an alternative to straight thick bangs, which practically closes the eyebrows, emphasizing the eyes. The latter is not always suitable due to the shape of the face, whereas milled straight bangs standard and safe for all traits.

If you adhere to a peaceful, elegant images in everyday life, ask the master is not too hard and not to tear the hair, much progresiva the bangs. Trimming on a straight classic bangs should not be evident, but must bring convenience in packing and harmony, and not to show how you tried to look stylish.


Milled bangs and a Bob caret

If you wear a Bob, straight or asymmetrical, you may need milled bangs, which will adjust the shape of the face and breathed new life into a classic hairstyle. Slightly milled asymmetrical long bangs at the base in the form of an elongated Bob will help to divert attention from full cheeks or from the difference in the size of the forehead and lower jaw.

Straight, slightly ragged milled bangs with the caret will help to visually reduce the height of the forehead with a long face. If your face does not require any correction bangs, and you can boast a harmonious features, you’ll like elongated rack with a little profiled straight long bangs that can casually be divided into two parts.


Long asymmetric milled bangs

Asymmetrical bangs with reasonable filirovki will fit almost any person and any basic haircut – short and long, and medium. This bangs multifunkcionalna, because it can be made smooth, you can give it volume, moving on one, then on the other side of the face, if necessary, it can completely drain her hair, creating an image without bangs.

It goes perfectly with bobbed hair type pixie or Garzon, and classic versions of Bob, asymmetrical or direct from the drop-down stonawski tips and surround the top, and with long cascading hair. Asymmetric milled long bangs can be combined with straight bangs up eyebrows, serving as the second layer in the bulk of the hair using different techniques of cutting and combination of several shades.


Milled bangs with short hair

Trimming bangs short haircut is almost mandatory if we are not talking about short provoke. Modern short haircuts with ultra-short strands as pixie or traditional so-called boyish haircuts with surround back, ask a beautiful stylish milled bangs, which will be a fitting end to the image of a young girl, following the trends.

Sharp elongated milled bangs with highlighted tips suitable for oval or round faces. the Length of such bangs depends on the necessary correction of the face: if it’s a long, bangs better to make shorter, covering the forehead, if the face is wide and round, you should choose a song bangs in length approximately to the ear lobe.

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