Mens hairstyles 2014: key trends

мужские прически 2014Any new trends or dramatic changes in men’s hairstyle was not observed in the last few years. Hairstyles varied only in the details, but in General, were in fashion classic cut. Last season, the way a La 1990s was popular everywhere. This underscores the fact that most men currently prefers a very short haircuts with the temples and back of the head, at the same time, often with a sharp transition to extremely long over. What are the new men’s hairstyles 2014 in the new season?


Main hairstyles 2014

After viewing presentations on the recent world fashion weeks the impression that in the spring-summer of 2014 waiting for us something new that will result in a really big trend. Everything from Burberry Prorsum to Christopher Kane brought on the catwalk models with these new haircuts, and Topman Design, Dacians brown and others have shown more comprehensive solutions haircuts with sharp contours.


That it for grooming and how to wear them

The last few years most of the men wore traditional haircut with long bangs to the side or back. But soon the fashion will go ragged hair. For the first time this change in the trend was observed on the display of a collection Topman Design of the current season. This can be seen as the birth of new haircuts – short bangs, becomes longer, the closer we get to spring or summer of 2014.

Head and whiskey young people will still be short and sweet. Line shift towards more long hair can fall that will add dynamics to the silhouette of grooming, while the top hair will remain relatively short while increasing the length of front. Hair in front will be heavier and bulkier and need to be thinned out to alleviate.

There are several ways to wear such haircuts. Some men prefer more classic and balanced way, and someone who likes a more extreme kinds of haircuts and styling, for example, when the back of the head and whiskey trimmed very short and highly. Length, centered on the front, also creates a great contrast with the General style.

Finally, such haircuts great choice for men who have problems with the retreating front hair line, because they can hide your problem area in a natural way, and it will not look like you are deliberately trying to hide the bald patches.


A little color

Adding color to such cuts will indeed be visually enlarge the front part of the hair. Do not abuse discoloration, especially if your hair is light enough by themselves. You can offer to do some illumination with foil or manually. Try to use several light shades – their number depends on personal preference. It is possible to paint the entire length of hair, and it is possible to draw back from the roots and just to lighten the ends.


The method of installation

It’s good that such haircuts can be worn in different ways, and they are ultrasonically. The image can be changed depending on the mood or occasion, he will also continue to change as hair growth. For drying hair reasonable to use the dryer, it will improve the effect of funds for styling hair.

Apply a small amount of smoothing cream on washed hair and then dry them, directing forward, using a small round brush, to get a more smooth and long front. To make the look more dramatic, dry hair ahead, rolling on the brush to give the side more bending and volume, as from the Dacians brown at the fashion show spring-summer 2013.

If drying with brush for you too complicated work, use the means for protection against high temperatures, dry the hair – dryers, and then straighten their hair iron is give your hair extremely smooth appearance.

To get more disheveled laying, dry hair, and then RUB them mousse to add volume. This will add hairstyle dynamics and texture, and will make the front of a little shortened and climb up. To finish, you can apply the gel strong hold for the natural splendor or funds with a matte effect for small fixation.

These are the trends in today’s fashion in the field of men’s haircuts and hairstyles. Torn strands officially returned.

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