Mens hairstyles 2013: new trends

мужские прически 2013Until relatively recently, it was believed that self-respecting man should not pay a special attention to their appearance. But times have changed, and modern gentlemen monitor all fashion trends to be in the trend. Mens hairstyles 2013 quite diverse: actual as underlined negligence and strict, even the conservative accuracy.

Dangerous man

In the season of spring-summer 2013 many designers were inspired by the image of the gangster twenties of the last century: подбритые whiskey and набриолиненные strands, расчесанные parted or smoothly laid back. Hair style dangerous mobsters have been proposed such leading designers like Gucci, Calvin Klein and Dior.

This hairstyle emphasizes the great facial features and cool look. It is no coincidence the chosen not only by young and ambitious, but grown-up men who know what they want. Discreet and laconic image of the Mafiosi liked, for example, Leonardo DiCaprio and brad pitt was. And play a style of hair at home is relatively simple: it is only important to provide itself with enough quantity of gel hair styling.

To create hairstyles proposed stylists Costume National, you will also need a sufficient amount of gel for styling. Wet hair and bangs, the structure of which is also highlighted wax or gel, look slightly hooliganism, and is ideal for young and cocky.


At the show the collection Les Hommes on the podium starchy Pai-boys. Suit «with the brand», starched utilities shirt, and the perfect accessories are perfectly combined with strict and even slightly boring hairdo. Hair smoothly combed parted in the middle and an image of a boy from a good family is ready.

Of course, this hairstyle is not everyone – first of all it can be recommended to the holders of the right of facial features. However, the experiment with a new style can all the more so that this does not require any special skills nor any special tools just to moisten hair gel and carefully combed parted in the middle.

The Return Of Elvis

On the podium return of grooming in the style of Elvis Presley, so popular half a century ago. Long bangs, зачесанная sideways or upwards, looks fairly extravagant and is ideally suited for young extraordinary people wishing to whatever was to attract attention to themselves.

Shocking model with COCOM of hair in the style of Elvis Presley or начесанной bangs made a splash in the fashion shows Versace, Roberto Cavalli. Using modern styling products make this packing yourself would be easy.

Under a zero

Give the image of brutality quite easily – just make a cut in the army style fashion show collections Dolce&Gabbana, Adam Kimmel, and Louis Vuitton. Hair length not more than two centimeters make its owner courageous and serious, as Bruce Willis or Jason Statham’s. Furthermore, a hairstyle to hide the obvious bald head.

You must remember that this haircut can afford, not all. Best hairstyle under «zero» ideal owners of the head of the ideal form. Those who reject mow the entire head, may be limited to подбритыми temples in the style of a young David Beckham – this haircut is also very relevant. Stylish looks and asymmetric haircut with one подбритым temple.

Wavy hair

Hair always excite the imagination, not curly hair in his time, made popular Antonio Banderas, Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone. On the show collections Dolce&Gabbana, Bottega Veneta and Rake many models showed wavy laying really short or medium length.

Holders of wavy hair is easy to independently create a sexy and playful image that perfectly as with clothing sports style, and with more formal attire.

Urban style

Elegant styling in the spirit of the stars of «Twilight» Robert Pattinson looks extremely attractive. This style is very relevant: the demonstration of the collection of the designer Ermenegildo Zegna models adorned such hairstyles. Lush at the roots of the hair combed back, looks both traditionally and modernly and that is important for low men, add a couple of inches of growth.

To try this image on yourself, you should try to put modern ragged cut in the style of retro. Styling will fix this elegant and at the same time casual hairstyle for a long time.

In the style of «The Beatles»

The legendary Liverpool four decades inspires designers around the world. This time the source of inspiration was the famous hairstyle musicians with combed hair forward. John Varvatos presented models with hair falling over the eyes like a very long bangs.

Stylists Neil Barrett and RoccoBarocco offered comb your hair parting and bangs laid on one side. As a result of the image looks very brave, but at the same time gently – a combination that is sure to break not one girl’s heart. Hairstyles in a similar style knowingly prefer recognized handsome Brandon Routh and Daniel Radcliffe.

Wind of change

Hair style «grunge» choose men who are young in spirit. Hair, like her first spring wind as the shows Bottega Veneta, look sloppy and at the same time attractive. Hair style high grade Хемсворта and Orlando bloom are suitable not only for recreation but also for work in conjunction with a business suit the style of «grunge» looks especially cool.

For such hairstyles need a haircut with short hair at the temples and back of the head and with long locks on top of the head. Not superfluous will and long slanting Bang. After this, the only взъерошить hair and fix the stacking of hair-spray painted on the comb.

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