Means for hair straightening, from lush curls to the smoothness of silk

средства для выпрямления волосStraightening curls for many owners of curls or waves becomes a daily procedure. Some of gaining beautiful smooth shiny hair enjoy a Hairdryer round брашингом, others opt for a Valet who выглаживают hair like a woven fabric with high heat. And in that and in other case the result will be the best, but the procedure will become more secure, if you apply the means for hair straightening. They are available commercially in any Department store, and the demand for such products is constantly growing.


Miracle rectification, or the laws of physics

Why do some hair straight from nature and difficult to perms others curly, bad carry straighten? All because of the structure of the hair shaft. If a cross section of the direct hair we’ll see the circle on a cut curly – oval. This form of forcing hair to curl into a spiral, which is the natural condition of the hair. Curl is not just becomes inconvenient for stacking hair, their structure has porosity. Because of this curls badly retain moisture and easily dry up as a result пушатся and electrified.

средства для выпрямления волосMany girls, aware of the harm of heat treatment of hair irons or hair dryer, use cosmetic products for straightening even without hairdressing tools. Fortunately owners of unruly curls such cosmetics exists, and the range of such tools is expanding. Sometimes for the acquisition of a beautiful soft hair without steep curls need to purchase a line of care and installation of such hair. Using several means stages, when washing, cleaning, conditioning and styling rarely have to use the hot straightener or hot air dryer.

When you design for straightening manufacturers observe the ordinary laws of physics and chemistry, including in the composition of their shampoos, masks, creams and lotions for smoothness active moisturizing agents, which penetrate deep into the hair structure and saturate the skin with moisture and then locking the result with the help of light breathable film on the surface of the hair. Intensive moisturizing the hair stem is the basis of the action of any means for rectifying this principle should be adopted and prevent drying out of the hair.


Cosmetics for hair straightening

If you want your hair always were the direct and therefore easier to installation, you have to have specialized tools for everyday care and styling.


Cosmetics for care

средства для выпрямления волосShampoo, conditioner air conditioning and hair mask are the basic means for care of hair. Select the series, designed for deep hydration and smoothness of curly hair. Of course, these tools will not make them ideally smooth after washing, but such care fire saturates the hair with moisture from the inside, allowing loosen the curl. A series of such funds often have in the title, the term «relaxing» or «relaxing». To this and seeks such cosmetics – relax the tight springs unruly curls. In addition to active humidifiers and additives, allowing to keep the hair smooth and shiny as long as possible, the composition of shampoos, masks and caring balms are collagen, keratin, oils (jojoba, almond) and other restorative and sealing components. They allow to neutralize disadvantages of the porous structure of the hair pole climbing hair, making it impervious, dense, not letting slip away valuable moisture.


Cosmetics for hair styling

Styling or laying important stage in straightening hair, and funds of this type take the brunt of the workload. Caring cosmetics rather prepares hair to straighten, and laying funds are doing the main job. Assortment of the cosmetics is incredibly diverse. For hair straightening, there are lotions, emulsions and other fluids in the form of sprays, creams, lipsticks, waxes, serum, indelible balsams and other products, many of which are designed specifically for subsequent hot styling irons or hair dryer. In professional stamps you can find the means intended for keratin rectifiers or lotions for Teflon coating стайлеров.

These products are applied on clean hair, depending on specific means and type of packing they may be on a dry or slightly damp hair. This cosmetics has an unquestionable advantage – they are additionally moisturize the hair forming on their surface protective film, against ultraviolet rays, the aggressive influence of the environment and, of course, the corrosive effects of high temperatures during the installation.

The selection of a specific tool depends on the needs of the hair. For dry it is better to use a softening and moisturizing cream, normal hair will Shiner spray lotion.

It is important to laying tools straighteners do not contain alcohol, which dry hair. Refrain from varnishes and mousses after application of special straightener.

Cosmetic brands typically produce the whole line, designed for straightening, which includes caring, and laying funds. Means for hair straightening, you’ll find at marks Sunsilk, Nivea, Syoss, Gliss Kur, Phytosolba, L’oreal Professionnel, Schwarzkopf Professional, Kerastase, Rene Furterer, Tigi, Tony&Guy.

One of the leaders on the market of cosmetics to straighten hair – brand John Frieda. His line Frizz-Ease with the patented formula a few years ago made a revolution in the market professional cosmetics. With these tools, the women with hard and highly curly hair African type were able to make their hairstyles smooth and shiny.

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