Long-term styling for medium hair – hairstyle all day

долговременная укладка на средние волосыAs a Hollywood film star could permanently maintain a gorgeous bouncy curls? What is the secret of beauty and durability soft waves, tight curls and luxurious curls? So stacking is preserved as long as possible is not enough to wash your hair and pull the hair, there are rules and secrets, knowing that your long-term styling for medium hair will maintain its integrity throughout the day.


Correct installation begins with good haircuts

долговременная укладка на средние волосыIt is known that thick thick hair with blunt ends badly hold curls and layered haircut with filirovki on the bottom perfect for creating bold or romantic curls, but first of all, you need to take care about the health of their hair. The worse I feel the tips of your hair, the harder it will be to shape of them decent styling. If you notice that your hair is absolutely not hold styling, it’s time to freshen up the ends. Damaged, dry ends of the hair, especially at medium length, very difficult to put in beautiful curls. Proper care and regular updating of the ends of the hair is the key to successful installation, in this case, a beautiful natural curls.


Special tools

долговременная укладка на средние волосыIf after shampooing you plan to turn your straight hair, medium length soft romantic curls, do not abuse the conditioning. Reduce the usual dose of this remedy twice, half the usual amount will be more than enough without the extra weight of the strands, shiny curls preserved as long as possible. Besides a small amount of conditioner will leave “wiggle room” for other modeling tools that you will use to create a luxurious curls.

When creating the persistent volume curls not to do without special products for hair styling, especially if you have freshly washed hair or thick and straight strands. Modern tools for modeling help the hair to retain precious moisture and keep laying for a long time, it is important not to overdo it with mousse and evenly distribute it throughout the hair.

To create extra volume, lift hair at the roots using a special spray. For maximum effect similar products, as well as any tools to add volume, it is recommended to apply on slightly damp hair and then start winding the hair a convenient way.


The use of irons and Curling

долговременная укладка на средние волосыCurls created using flat irons for straightening hair retain its form longer than the strands, wound on a round Curling iron. Of course, no particular skill iron will not do, but once you master the art of creating elastic spiral curls with this tool, you will not change it for anything else. In order for the curls turned out nice and neat, choose a fairly thin flat iron with rounded edges and a surface, which is well heated not only inside but also outside. If after the wrap, you found strands ugly creases, then you too tightly twisted hair flat iron. The plate should slide off the strands, leaving behind a beautiful curl, to facilitate movement of the platen, carefully comb the hair before cranking it.

If Ironing you prefer a round Curling iron, before winding sprinkle strands of hair spray, let them dry, and then twist the hair. Let hair cool down a bit, and then gently sweep the hair to remove excess varnish. Hairspray will keep laying, but the hair will look soft and natural.

долговременная укладка на средние волосыForming a curl, try gently stab him invisible, or a little “crabby” as long as the hair is not cool. Thus, the cuticle of the hair shaft to cool down and closes and locks to keep the shape of the soft beautiful curls. Negrutiu all the hair spray styling lacquer and within a few seconds blow a jet of air from a Hairdryer. High temperature and hairspray in the best sense of the word “glue” the hair and will retain their shape.

There are many ways to create tight curls or soft waves, normal, hot, spiral curler, papelotte, hair irons for hair and Curling of different diameters, to achieve the desired result you need to choose the most convenient for you and your hair way. Don’t be afraid to experiment, of course, not every experiment will be a success, but having spent some time looking for the perfect techniques and tools, you eventually will learn how to create a luxurious and resistant to any test installation.

долговременная укладка на средние волосыIf all other ways of twisting you prefer a Curling iron, do not spare money for a good quality tool. It is best to give preference to models with ceramic coating, they are very carefully related to hair, but quite well warmed up and able to create perfect curls. Ceramic Curling quite expensive, but on the market you can find a pretty good model for a very reasonable price.

Consider Curling irons and other methods of laying impractical and unreliable? Then heated rollers – this is exactly what you need. Before winding strands, don’t forget to apply hair mousse, a means to add volume or any other product you use for modeling curls. Not spin curler up until hair is completely not cool.


What is carving

долговременная укладка на средние волосыModern technology hairdressing allow us to look fabulous not only after visiting the salon, but for a longer time. For this purpose the technology was developed long-term hair styling or so-called carving.

Unlike chemical perming, the effect of which lasts from several months to a year, the carving will have to update about once every couple of months. This technology does not introduce radical changes in the image, but allows the hair to gain additional volume, increases their elasticity and gives them a beautiful, natural Shine. After carving the hair much easier laying, easily modeled and keep their shape for a long time.

The size and shape of curls after carving can be very different, it all depends on curlers what size and modification uses a wizard. If you are not interested in creating the curls, the carving can be done in the root zone, while your hair will remain straight, but you will have more volume and bounce. After carving you don’t have to ruthlessly necesitate hair and to load their use of funds to increase.

долговременная укладка на средние волосыLong-term styling is not as aggressive as “chemistry” or even bio waving. The solution for carving does not contain glycolic acid, which dries the hair and depletes the roots. The smoothness of the solution allows often to update the carving, not fearing for the health of their hair. Do not expect carving results capable of giving chemical treatment, there is a clear, long-running curls, after all, the purpose of this procedure is to create the right base for styling easier and prolong her life.

Any procedure using chemical solutions, even the most gentle, in varying degrees of harm to our hair, so we should not forget about proper care. Don’t forget about nourishing and moisturizing masks, nourishing shampoos and means to prevent dryness and split ends.

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