Long side-swept bangs: accent trendy hairstyles

длинная косая челкаLong side-swept bangs will not put you in a tough fashionable frames that should be followed when selecting a new styling every day, but significantly diversifies your style. Long bangs can hide completely, but if we slightly change the style, it can play the role of full bangs that completely covers the forehead. With any length of hair and the base cut long side-swept bangs will open up many possibilities for creating different styles for all occasions.

Growing or ostrega long oblique bangs, be prepared to care for her separately, and as for the rest of the hair mass. In some cases, under certain haircuts, bangs will require special attention, because it will account for a significant proportion of styling products, processing with the help of flat iron and Hairdryer, these traumatic procedures such as hair, Curling with a Curling iron. All this is not the best way affects the bangs, which can quickly lose their beauty and become dull, lifeless and badly whipped. If you are going to wear long oblique bangs.


Punk style

Hairstyles in punk-style focus on long strands at the crown or bangs, and overall grooming can be short and very short. Short female haircuts of punk style is very popular, and their modern versions differ from the retro haircuts because they look feminine due to the long oblique bangs. Bangs in the short haircut punk fit as you want.

You can do a little bouffant, to throw the tip of the bangs on top of her head and stab her clip-crab or invisible, if you need volume in the forehead. For those who love the sharp lines of the haircut, it is recommended to design bangs in the same style to pull it sideways straightener and lightly treated with a paste or wax to lock. To save elegant style comb her bangs so that it diagonally crosses the forehead, the tips hide behind your ear, fix invisible.


Emo style

Emo style itself is already considered archaic in hairstyles, as, indeed, in the clothes, but he has a bright recognizable features that have been its main characteristic. From them and we should think about that, considering modern hairstyles with echoes of emo style, such as ragged quads with long asymmetrical bangs lowered eyes.

This style, of course, not necessarily be combined with other emo paraphernalia because it successfully meets modern youth versions of Bob haircuts with highlighted strands, haircuts with uneven length hair. Fashionable ragged haircut with long slanting bangs on the eyes can become part of the casual-style or publication. The least dramatic and more fashionable they look in the blonde, as in smooth platinum and gold, and with the highlighting.


Asymmetrical Bob with oblique bangs

When people talk about asymmetrical Bob, referring to the asymmetry relative to faces on both sides and on the front and back of hairstyles. And in fact, and in another case, a haircut is a perfect addition to side-swept bangs, long or short.

Asymmetrical haircut with great volume and length of hair on one side recommended for women with a disharmonious facial features, with a round, full faces. Oblique asymmetric ragged bangs, coupled with the same haircut, always pulls attention to itself, to its complex shape, and therefore the facial features are somewhat mitigated. Kara Bob with elongated front strands and a short nape is better combined with smooth bangs that completely merge with basic haircut style. Such haircuts are also good for rounded, complete individuals, to disharmonious people with a sharp chin and wide cheekbones. Haircut covers part of the front face locks, and if you improve its asymmetry using a side parting, thick, graduated bangs or curls, this hairstyle can be worn owner elongated elongated, very narrow. in addition, the smooth asymmetrical haircut Bob-Bob with long oblique bangs always enhances the beauty of your hair shining cloth.


Haircut “cascade” with oblique bangs

Cascading haircuts almost always require oblique bangs. Straight bangs, of course, also possible, but they are more like the emphasis upon the necessity and desire of the girl to draw attention to beautiful thick hair, the eyes. Oblique bangs short or long “cascade” looks like an integral part of the hairstyles.

Making a basic haircut “cascade” long oblique bangs, you can endlessly vary, Curling voluminous curls, pulling strands of flat iron, then twirling them inside a round brush when styling hair dryer. And that hairstyle looked as a whole, it is recommended not to differences in the styling of the bangs and the total mass of hair.

“Cascade” long oblique bangs chubby girls needed and the owners of pear-shaped and heart-shaped faces. This is a wonderful and versatile hairstyle that can lead to the balance of the upper and lower part of the face, to make it visually already sculpture. It is suitable to fine hair lacking volume, and the hair is thick and heavy, lacking the dynamics and liveliness.

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