Long hair 2014: comfortable femininity

длинные волосы 2014Long flowing locks at all times was considered the companions of femininity in the most straightforward its implementation. On this day in short haircut many see as a violation of romanticism, which is inherent in nature to the fair sex, but that is certainly not the case. But with long hair still associate all the most delicate feminine images, poshagovye in culture through the ages. Long hair 2014 – a new interpretation of elegant simplicity, style and appeal to retro-areas that somehow manifest in contemporary its steep shining curls.


Long straight hair is the fashionable hair hanging

Many women over the years are the same hairstyle that hair in the conventional sense is not. But even if your hair is very long, you can do the hair stylish, stepping image of simpleton, cultivating the image of a girl who is aware of current trends. In 2014 in fashion straight long hair, which is decorated neat drop-down layers without strong calibration loop in the front, but with the decoration of the forehead bangs.

Type bangs can be different and you might want to choose, based on the shape of the face, hair style and personal taste, based, naturally, on the marked trends. One of the most popular hair hanging in combination with straight long hair is long straight fringe to eyebrow, thinned a little, that the image was not heavy, but rather the air. These hairstyles are well suited to owners of long brown or light red hair, a single hue. This image is very suitable as the most laconic, romantic, it is not observed any aggressive, but at the same time there is generosity and gentleness.

For young girls, which can not wait to feel trendy, there are stylish straight extra long bangs, which can be laid to the side and back the way it was done in the seventies. Very impressive such bangs look not only on totally straight hair, but slightly curled in large negligent wave by brushing or Styler large diameter. Hair should remain upright.


Curls, waves, curls

Straight hair, spiky hair dryer, long time were the most popular type of laying great length, but it is now increasingly possible to see an opposite tendency. In the catalogues of the world hairdressing brands, on the red carpet and on the podium appear a girl with long hair, which curled into a tight curls, similar to those worn by several centuries ago. It seems that the negligence charged stylists from the accounts, and now they rush to the traditions in the form’nai Buckley. Last unexpectedly, but perfectly fit in the modern time, without loss in charm, not looking as though the girl stepped out of the last century. Tight elastic hair become a real decoration very long hair, and sometimes the only reasonable way to make them beautiful hair. They are recommended for hair in a single color, but it is best not very dark, otherwise the texture of the hair will not be appreciated.


The beam or pony tail parting

Very easy, simple but stylish and excellent for young girls with refined shapes and individuals, who have no need to adjust the suitable hairstyles.

These versions come down from the podium and could not get nailed views of the adepts of the street style, fashion bloggers and active business women, do not have the time and needs to create sophisticated styling for each day. Long hair can be divided into direct parting and smooth palm, which caused a bit of fixing light cream. Further hair, you need to find and kill either at the bottom of the neck, or slightly raised them to the head. The beam is necessarily careless, but not much disheveled, so he combined well with the image of modern young business lady, dressed in the best traditions smart casual.

Long, straight hair, which is not deprived of the natural Shine of sin to hide in bunches. This is recognised by stylists, who worked in the fashion shows, and offer to make the high and low pony tails, which are at the base wrapped his or overhead strands of the same color.


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