Light brown hair color: who he ideal

светло-каштановый цвет волосLight brown hair color is almost universal color that suits the vast majority of women and, as a rule, does not imply a radical change of image. It is soft, warm, beautiful, but not draw too much attention – the perfect color for those who want to create a discreet and elegant way.


How to dye hair light brown color

If you have a very bright (e.g., flax), light brown, dark blonde, dark Golden or red hair, you can try to dye their hair in light brown color in the home. Probably the most difficult task for you would be the choice of colours in the shops you can find many different shades relating to light brown color.

Keep in mind when choosing your color type: warm color type will suit color with rich red and copper shades, and a cold – light ash brown color or colors with subdued red tint. If a suitable color found only strictly follow the instructions on the package with paint and wait for the result.

If you are a brunette and want to color in light brown, you better consult a specialist. Most likely, he will lighten your hair and then paint them the desired color. In addition, the hairdresser will help you with choosing the right shade of light brown and will recommend one or another variant of coloring with this color, which, incidentally, is very diverse.


Light brown color – ways of coloring

The following ways of coloring using light brown color, which are most relevant in the present time, as well as learn about who they fit best.

  • Light brown and caramel color. The combination of these colors looks warm, gentle and soft, ideal for women with warm skin tones. As for eye color, this coloring is ideal for girls with hazel and green eyes; with gray and especially with blue eyes it looks a little less appealing.
  • Light brown and copper. Several copper strands in light chestnut hair will give your look a twist. It is best to choose a muted copper color that will accent the charming soft light brown color; intense copper shades can just destroy. Choose this coloring, if you have a warm color type. By the way, to keep the copper color saturation is even muted – you need quite often to touch up hair, so this painting is not for those who have no time for regular trips to the hairdresser.
  • Light brown and chocolate. This combination is suitable for warm and cold color type, since the light brown is perfect for the first, and chocolate for the second. Especially impressive and important looks coloring, in which the lower part of the hair is painted in dark chocolate tone, and the top is light brown. Chocolate strands to light brown hair (or Vice versa) is more traditional, but also a good option, especially if you prefer bright shades of chocolate, which is quite in line with the current fashion for the most “natural” hair color.
  • Light brown and dark Golden blonde. Reddish brown tide in perfect harmony with salestime strands or glare, without creating the impression of strangeness. This coloration fits all, except for women with a pronounced winter color type.
  • Light brown and honey color. Honey strands or highlights in light brown hair look like spots of soft, pale light shining through the bright autumn foliage. They give the impression of more volume and illuminate the face, not emphasizing deficiencies. Such staining can try everything, except for women whom nature endowed particularly bright, contrasting appearance, for example, very fair skin, combined with dark eyebrows and dark brown or bright blue eyes: they are much better suited darker or bright and often cold tone.

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