Invoice bangs: the way out

накладная челкаInvoice bangs is an incredibly convenient and useful thing. These bangs are not too expensive, easy to attach, easy to use and allow a few seconds to change the image.

According to statistics, more than 60% of women who decided to cut bangs after doing it, I regret my decision. It is unknown if this is true, when and who collected these statistics, but the fact remains: change the style quite often accompanied by a feeling of disappointment. Haircut bangs – a very important step, even a bad hair color can be corrected almost on the same day, but with bangs that fell short of expectations, we have to live as long until the hair grows back.

Bangs can dramatically change the appearance, so the decision to make a Bang (especially extremely short or asymmetric) should carefully consider. Those who would like to change your image and try something new, stylists recommend to first experiment with many different bangs overhead. Even if you will not wear bangs label constantly, this “fitting” will allow you to figure out whether you some form or the length of the bangs before hairdressing scissors will cut your forehead with the first strand.

Invoice bangs can be made of synthetic or natural hair, the latter, of course, are more expensive but look much better. When fixing bangs on the head you do not damage the hair, so as to mount the bangs are special clips or combs similar to those used in the fastening of strands with hair extensions.



The overhead of bangs a lot of advantages, fake bangs allows you to endlessly experiment with new images, so bangs will help to correct bad stowage or to impress friends and loved a new and unexpected hairstyle.

If you purchased the invoice bangs from quality material and neatly pinned her, only a professional may suspect you are using slip bangs, but in the everyday lives of ordinary women rarely meet with professional stylists, so do not be afraid of unpleasant revelations.

чем хороша накладная челка Бейонсе


Appearance overhead bangs, even from artificial materials, today is as close to natural hair, you can buy bangs in the broad coloring gamut, streaked with locks and without.

Bangs faux material look quite presentable, they are not as expensive as natural and ideal for the first experiments use fake bangs new hairstyles.

Invoice bangs does not require laborious packing, in order to look as we want, no need to wait until the bangs grow back, just remove it and make a new hairstyle to suit your taste.

Invoice the bangs can match any face shape, it can be shorten if it is too long, paint, if the bangs are made of natural material, and so on.

Slip the fringe blends perfectly with a variety of hairstyles and styling, with beams and tails, high hair and flowing curls on her shoulders.


How to fix invoice bangs

Consider the case of mounting on a flexible scallops – clips. As a rule, invoices of the bangs is provided with two such combs.

  • Open the scallops, just pushing on the edge.
  • Determine the desired position of the bangs, it is best to fix the bangs closer to the top, but not to the hairline. In the top of the head hair volume slightly higher, where bangs would be better to hold on to. Now, put the bangs to the desired location and secure it with scallops, skip the scallops in the hair and close them.
  • Style your hair so that it was not visible the attachment of the bangs hide it or place under the rim, or headband.

Mount the invoice bangs takes no more than minutes, especially if you have experience with such things, like hairpieces.


How to wear bangs invoice

In fact, bangs can be fixed the way you want, above or below, such bangs not only transforms your hairstyle, but also gives styling extra volume, creating the visual effect of hair density. Invoice bangs save even when you want to get rid of the bangs, but the bangs that you had lost form and grow, but not so much that it can be hidden behind your ears or pin up the top.

What hairstyles are best combined invoice bangs? Here are some examples:

  • Using invoice bangs can easily create styling in the style of Audrey Hepburn, especially impressive it will look on the brunettes. Gather hair into a high bun, attach the invoice bangs high enough, creating the effect of bangs from the crown. It is better to choose long bangs to mid-forehead. Style the bangs to one side, lock the varnish.
  • Attaching the invoice bangs as high as possible, it can be combined with a simple pony-tail, and tail “loop”. Mask the attachment of the bangs wide headband with an expressive bow. Hairstyle in the style of pin up looks is always interesting, it feels the enthusiasm and cute flirting. The bangs in this case it is better to make shorter and smoother, if desired, it can be divided into the strands to make it look as naturally as possible.
  • Invoice the usual bangs and ponytail – the perfect combination. Only one detail: do not make the tail too low, it is better to place it on the center of the back of the head. In this case, headbands and headbands not required.
  • Rather long bangs long almost to the middle of the eyebrows can be perfectly combined with flowing hair, the main thing that color bangs are perfectly combined with the color of your hair. Fans of Gothic style or punk may experiment with colored bangs, but if you do not belong to such informal flows, it is better to use traditional shades.

If you have an idea to change hairstyle with bangs, but to leave the length of the hair is scary, try to try a new way, using the invoice bangs. False bangs in different shapes and colors you can buy online or in a specialty store. Do not miss the opportunity to change and become even more attractive.

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