How to use the tonic for hair health and Shine in one bottle

как пользоваться тоником для волосYou dream of long, shiny and healthy hair? Come to the aid of the tonics that make your hair soft, strong and silky. How to use hair toner to get the maximum effect?


Capillaire Anti-Chute

тоник Capillaire Anti-ChuteTonique Capillaire Anti-Chute has a revolutionary formula and is suitable for very dry and curly hair that defies combing. The composition of this tonic plant components that promote hair growth. Your hair becomes hydrated, shiny, silky and strong.

Tonique Capillaire Anti-Chute restores brittle hair, reduces hair loss and gives hair volume. Tonic is suitable for all hair types: very dry, dull and greasy. Shake well before use. This tonic can be applied in three ways.

  • After each washing head massage gently apply toner to the hair of the head. It will make your hair strong, shiny and easier to comb.
  • For medicinal purposes before shampooing, apply a few drops of tonic on damaged hair for 15-30 minutes.
  • You can apply a toner on overnight and wash it off the next day.


33 Capillaire Bio

тоник Capillaire Bio 33The composition of the Tonique Capillaire Bio 33 includes herbal ingredients that stimulate hair growth, reduce hair loss, regulate sebum production, effects on the blood circulation, prevent the occurrence of dandruff. Regular use of this tonic will give your hair softness and silkiness. It is recommended to use the tonic for one month.


Croissance Plus

лосьон-тоник для волос Croissance PlusLotion-tonic for hair Croissance Plus contains aloe Vera and panthenol. Toner is specially designed for damaged and brittle hair. Aloe Vera, panthenol and watercress prevents hair breakage and clean the roots. In addition, these active ingredients improve microcirculation of blood, stimulate the activity of sebaceous glands and prevents the appearance of dandruff. Apply the lotion on the roots and lightly massage your hair. You can also apply lotion all over your hair and comb them. The result from the first days of treatment: hair is not as brittle and more pliable.


Hair lotion with your hands

как сделать тоник для волосHair lotion can be prepared at home. Nettle lotion makes hair thicker and prevents hair fall. This lotion is not recommended for blond hair. So, place in a pot 28 g of nettle leaves, 2 cups of white wine vinegar and 2 cups of water. Cook the mixture for two hours. Cool the decoction and add two drops of lavender oil. Mix well and pour the mixture into a bottle with an airtight cap. Don’t forget to shake the lotion before each use. Massage RUB the lotion into the scalp. You can use the lotion every day. If you have dry hair, better to do it once a week.

The recipe for lotion that promotes faster hair growth. For its preparation you will need dried flowers of lavender, ginger and dried leaves of rosemary. Crush lavender flowers, rosemary leaves and ginger. Pour the mixture into a saucepan, cover with water and boil for 10 minutes on low heat. Do not forget from time to time to stir. Then remove from heat and let it cool. Strain and pour the lotion into a bottle with a spray nozzle.

The main components of the lotion are ginger and rosemary. If you do not find the lavender, you can make the lotion without it, it will not lose its effectiveness. Tonic water is best stored in the refrigerator.

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