How to make thin brittle hair

ломкие волосыBrittle hair is often prone to damage, and the section more relaxed. Even minimal errors in care or the lack of vitamins make them dim, give them an unhealthy appearance, that they almost cease to hold a style without creating extra bulk. This type of hair requires more careful and certainly comprehensive care.


Causes of hair breakage

Thin brittle hair, as a rule, are the result of chronic diseases of internal organs. Congenital disorders of hair breakage affects only a small percentage of the population.

In addition to physiological reasons, on the condition of the hair adversely affected by improper care perming and frequent staining, stress, physical and mental overwork, poor diet. Atmospheric effects, in particular, very low and high temperatures affect the roots and hair structure, which leads to their fragility and loss.

Therapeutic measures should begin after the elimination of the root causes of the disease. It is also important to abandon aggressive treatment procedures.


Vital assistance

Find out what negative factors provoked brittle hair, you can make a scheme for rehabilitation and nursing activities, which consists of professional tools, pharmaceuticals, and folk methods. But no comprehensive treatment will not be complete without replenishing the body with vitamins that strengthen the root system of hair and their structure:

  • Vitamin a (retinol) is one of the main “building materials”, which stimulates the synthesis of keratin, collagen and elastin. These substances are responsible for the softness and elasticity of the hair, so the lack of retinol leads to their islinenote and breakage.
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – provides oxygen to the follicles, improves blood circulation of the scalp, protects from negative external factors.
  • Vitamin PP or nicotinic acid protects hair from pigment destruction, promotes hydration.
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol), strengthens the hair shaft, prevents breakage, protects from atmospheric influences and the negative effects of styling instruments.
  • Vitamins To normalize the power of hair, promote its growth, maintain a level of fat of the epidermis.

Sometimes pathological characteristics of the organism hinder the assimilation of vitamins. In this case, drugs administered intramuscularly.


Treatment pharmacy drugs

The pharmaceutical industry offers along with vitamins use topical use preparations:

  • Burdock, castor, almond and sea buckthorn oil is a classic option for moisturizing and nourishing brittle, thin hair.
  • Repunit stimulates metabolism and blood circulation, strengthens the roots, nourishes the scalp. The main component are burdock root, nutritional oils, vitamins.
  • Vitamins A and E in liquid form is used as for the prevention and treatment of brittle hair. Include them to the masks, added to shampoos. Mixed with the basis, rubbed into the scalp and applied to the strands.
  • SULSENA paste is used not only for its intended purpose, as the drug from dandruff, but also strengthens, nourishes and stimulates growth.


Recovery in the salon conditions and professional care

In beauty salons there are many procedures for solving problems with hair breakage. Effective results were observed after a course of cryo, mesotherapy, acupressure, and SPA treatments.

профессиональный уход за волосами Klorane


Brittle hair it is important to choose cosmetics with care regenerative properties, necessary component of which should be b vitamins, lecithin, herbs. And not just in shampoos. Additional meals provide healing balms, air conditioning, special milk. For this type of hair high rates of different products Klorane, Bonacure, Matrix, Schwarzkopf.

Increasing the rating and domestic brands, whose popularity is due to the combination effective results with affordable price: “one Hundred recipes of beauty”, “Nature siberika”, “Clean line”.


Home therapy

  • The effectiveness of burdock oil noted experts. It is ideal to care for brittle hair, moisturizes and returns the vitality split ends. To prepare masks need to 50 ml of oil, one egg yolk, a teaspoon of brandy.
  • Almond oil (50 ml), mixed with five capsules (each) of vitamins A and E, it restores brittle thin hair, even if they are in a very poor condition.
  • 30 ml of slightly warmed olive oil mixed with raw egg yolk and three capsules of vitamin E.
  • Olive oil can be used as a standalone component, dividing the length of the hair, or mix with other oils in equal amounts.
  • Egg in combination with oils and other products is an excellent reducing agent and moisturizer. If twice a week to do on all hair mask of egg with milk, damaged hair come to life.
  • Thin brittle hair will not only acquire elasticity and natural Shine with regular use of the mask from yogurt with a few drops of ylang-ylang.
  • Not the last place in folk medicine for hair take and herbs: nettle, St. John’s wort, sage, immortelle. They are used as conditioners after shampooing. Raw materials can be brewed in a dry or fresh form.
  • Gives good results and herbal mask. Collection of herbs (equal quantity of each) brew, brew, add colorless henna, stir to a smooth consistency and apply all over the hair. In the end they will be stronger, acquire a healthy look.

Treatment, prevention, care thin and brittle hair require the expenditure of time and money, which is justified provided it is systematic. But to start a complex of measures worth listening to the recommendations of the expert.

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