How to make curls: there are several ways and cosmetic products

как сделать локоныEven if you are not naturally lucky to have wavy hair, you can curl it in ringlets that will stay one or two days. There are many ways how to make curls: Curling irons, flat irons, curlers, braids, bundles and more.



Heat up the Curling iron. Many plates need time to warm up. If curl curls not enough progresshas Curling, keep they will not. Some Curling irons have different temperature control. Try to use the lowest, so as not to harm the hair. For fine hair, optimum temperature is 170°C and thick and 210°C. Curl curls Curling irons only on completely dry hair. Wet hair straightening iron can harm. And not because of the fact that she’s hot, but because the water evaporates and the hair to lose moisture.

While the Curling iron heated up, comb hair well to avoid knots. Start to wind the lock of hair with the tip, gradually rising to the roots. If you regularly use Curling irons, buy termosprey. It is needed to protect the hair from damage and drying out. Even if you have fine hair, it is better to divide them into strands for optimum effect. To keep the curl on the Curling iron should be about ten seconds. Time may vary depending on hair type, their length, the power of Curling irons, the size of the wound strands. If you want to curls seemed more airy and natural, you can comb them with your fingers two or three times. Curls slightly open and loosened.

If you want, spray on the hair some hairspray. Choose a varnish medium hold to curls stayed natural. Spray varnish at a distance of 15-20 cm. Never spray it on the curl, if it is wound on the Curling. The combination of heat Curling iron, and alcohol in the varnish will lead to the fact that the hair is “fried”.



In the case of flat irons, like Curling irons, it must be preheated to the curls hold for a long time. During the installation of a temperature mode whenever possible, choose the lowest, in order not to damage your hair. For fine hair, optimum temperature is 170°C and thick and 210°C. the Width of the flat iron also plays an important role. In this case, more suitable pad with thin slices, approximately 3 cm Wide pad will not bring the desired results.

Before you curl your hair, blot dry hair. Before drying can make hair a little modeling mousse. To protect hair from drying out, use a spray with thermal protection. Spray the product on all hair. Divide the hair into strands. Even if you have fine hair, it is better to work with small sections at a time. So you can curl your hair in ringlets evenly.

Each strand comb to untangle all the knots. Secure the pad in the upper part of the section and twist it. Holding the pad in this position, descend along the strand down. And so each strand. If you want the curls looked airy and easy, gently comb them with your fingers. If desired, lock the curls varnish. Keep the nail at a distance of 15-20 cm from the hair.


Crushing hair

Alternatively, you can crush the hair to make lightweight curls. Wash your hair and use conditioner. Gently Pat hair with a towel. Comb their comb with wide teeth to untangle the knots. Apply a modeling tool, for example, spray, mousse, cream. Apply mousse only on the tips of the hair. Scrunch with your hands throughout the head. Then you can let them dry in the open air or use a special nozzle-diffuser for a hair dryer to gently dry the hair, keeping the curls.



To create beautiful curls enough water and aluminum foil. Pre-wet your hair and twist each strand around the foil and secure with a clamp. Wait until the hair dries, and untwist the strands.

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