How to make a bundle of hair: a few ways hairstyles

как сделать пучок из волосThe beam is a versatile hairstyle for medium long hair variations which are suitable for all occasions. Ask and learn how to make a bundle of hair and you hardly ever will encounter a situation where you don’t know what to do with her hair.


High beam with toe

To make accurate high beam, you will need: one clean sock (can be used instead of the usual donut hair), texturise spray, one elastic hair band and a few pins.

  • First, prepare a sock (if you have a donut hair, just skip this step). Cut the end of the sock and roll the sock thus, to get the donut. Ideally socks will not be visible under the hair, but anything can happen, so it’s best to choose socks, the color closest to the color of your hair; in any case, very bright colors and patterns are best avoided, unless, of course, you don’t aim to impress others.
  • Like most high hair, this beam is best to do if you washed your hair yesterday, and not an hour ago. If you washed your head recently or your hair is naturally very smooth and poorly kept high hairstyle, apply texturearray spray through hair it will hold much better.
  • Gather hair into a high ponytail at the crown and secure it with a rubber band, so it better hold. Now, lift the tail and insert the tip in the toe or the doughnut.
  • This is perhaps the most difficult step of creating a high beam, and not all can pass it on the first try. Keeping one hand on the tip of the tail, and the other sock, slowly twist donut, simultaneously twisting and evenly distributing the hair on the sides. When he will appear at the base of the tail, the hair should completely hide it from prying eyes.
  • Secure the hair multiple pins (a lot of them don’t need – as a rule, such a beam held up very well on four or five pins) and if you want, apply some hairspray.


Careless high beam

  • Make high on the top of the ponytail and secure it with a rubber band.
  • Take a comb with frequent cloves, select from the tail of a thin slice and necesite its several movements from the base of the tail to the end of the section. In the same way necesite the whole tail – it should look very voluminous and messy.
  • If you want the hair turned out to be more free and careless, slightly pull to the side of the individual strands to the left, right and above the base of the tail – you’ll have a so-called “cocks” on the head, but the image of a modern fashionista they are completely appropriate.
  • Several times flick your tail brush with natural bristles – you should not comb it, and only slightly smooth to combed her hair was easier to style in the beam.
  • Not twisting your hair in braid, wrap them around the base of the tail and secure it with hairpins. Can be slightly rasterbate beam, to give it more volume, but do not overdo it, otherwise it will not last the whole day (or night).
  • Secure the bundle with a small amount of hairspray.


The beam weaving

This hairstyle looks quite elegant and romantic, and is done relatively simply and quickly. It can be done on average (even if they have a length of up to shoulders) and long hair.

  • If you have quite short hair shoulder-length or slightly below – before you do the hair, slightly curl it with a Curling iron. You should have no curls and soft waves – thanks to this, the beam will be larger. Then apply on the hair a bit textureloader spray. Owner hair length shoulder blades and below can skip this step.
  • Separate two broad strands behind his ears (of which you’ll weave braids), and the Central strand gather into a low ponytail.
  • Twist the tail into a sloppy bun. Then gently rasterbate it to him out a few strands. The finished beam attach small pins (if you have long hair and the beam is large, can use regular studs).
  • From the strands of hair that you have left free in a second step, weave French braid, using the so-called Dutch weave. It is that side of the lock need to weave into a braid is not over the center strand, and under it. Your braids should begin at the hair to frame the face. It’s okay if some of the strands will break out of the braids.
  • The free ends of KOs hide under the beam (if you have short hair) or first wrap them around the base of the beam. Secure the braids with hairpins and apply on the beam hairspray.

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