How to lay a Bang: new canons styling

как укладывать челкуBangs are all different, with different types of hair and hairstyles, and an assortment of styling tools at home also not all the same. In addition, many girls have in mind a few outdated clichés about how to style the bangs, so their images are not distinguished by originality and cannot be called fashionable.


General rules for styling bangs

Less is more – it is a basic principle for those who did with a new hairstyle bangs and reflects on its proper installation. This is especially true of styling tools that can certainly be used to fix the bangs in the right position to make it Shine or some stiffness, but without the fuss. This is even more true of styling products not for professional purposes, and of democratic brands, many of which differ quite noticeable texture, making the bangs greasy and unaesthetic.

Today on the shelves enough money to give luster to the hair, including hair greasy. Avoid styling hair gel, if you need only Shine, for this purpose serum, which give hair Shine, but do not form a greasy film and not give hair the appearance of icicles.

Very carefully should relate to the amount of styling products for hair, blondes, girls with hair highlights, Ombre, or simply grown dark roots. Even a small amount risk to visually make the hair darker because of what they will look dirty and greasy.


The problem with curly hair

Curly hair needs special treatment, and if you don’t want bangs remained in its original form, will have to work hard to make it stylish and straight. You will need a hair dryer, brushing with dense natural bristles and large diameter.

After washing hair, dry your hair gently with a towel, then a Hairdryer without brushing, removing excess liquid, and then proceed to style. Apply on the hair, a small amount of styling products with a smoothing effect. It may be, as a liquid spray, and mousse or light cream. Then dry the bangs, grasping her by brushing, rotating around its axis.

Be careful not to desiccate the bangs, otherwise it will be unnaturally twisted and will fall to the side. This method is well suited for straight long bangs, which, coupled with a natural wave always looks short and shapeless.


Thick lustrous bangs

To get a beautiful thick shiny bangs, can not do without the tools to Shine. If you wear a straight voluminous bangs up eyebrows, please be professional serum for Shine. Dry the bangs with brushing, quickly rotating it and gently pulling the bangs forward. Before laying on the hair can nothing be applied, leaving room for shining funds as a final touch, and in order not to overload the bangs. On dry hair, apply serum palms, previously rubbed tool between them. This method is well suited for dark thick hair.


Volumetric asymmetric bangs

If you have asymmetric oblique bangs, diagonal, clear or easier with milled ends, you may need regular making such fringe volume. Get it keeps the same brushing and hair dryers along with lightweight foam for volume.

On wet, towel dry the hair, apply a little mousse for volume. The ball of mousse should be about the size of a walnut, otherwise bangs “will zaberemennet”. Dry the bangs Hairdryer, taking a section of the brushing and removing it from the face of the platen, spinning on the outside.

You can also give the side view of the lock, if it is long enough, and your hairstyle and case match this style. Curl long oblique bangs should be very natural, in any case not tight. For this you need to wrap it in a spiral around the tongs and hold up to five seconds, then Unscrew and gently put his fingers.


Bangs with feminine waves

Many women continue to ignore fashion trends and stay true to yourself and your gentle romantic way. If you have long or medium length hair with bangs length of about up to my chin refrain from highlighting it and try to make it as an integral part of the thick voluminous feminine hairstyles.

You can dry the bangs brushing as in the previous example, or to take the hot rollers of large diameter, which must be screwed onto the bangs away from the face. On hair before styling, you can apply a small amount of mousse for volume or varnish to fix the bangs after finalizing hair, her hair her head down, then sharply lifting her up, “grasping” light waves varnish.

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