How to Deal with Enlarged Pores

poresOwners of oily and combination skin often face the problem of enlarged pores. Enlarged pores are not only spoil the look girl but also provide a lot of problems, creating favorable conditions for the formation of bacteria, which can result in the appearance of inflammation.
Tackle the problem can be with proper and regular skin care. Every day, clean your skin with a special foam or gel cleanser suitable for your skin type. After cleansing, use a toner tightens pores. A few times a week is recommended to do special masks and peels, aimed at narrowing the pores.
Narrow pores at home will help you special masks that you can easily prepare yourself. Very effective in this case, is a mask of blue and white cosmetic clay. Buy a clay you can at any pharmacy. Follow the instructions supplied with the clay, mixed with water, these two types of clay. To soften the skin in the mask, you can add a few drops of aloe juice. Masks based cosmetic clay are very good at cleaning greasy skin type, good shrinking pores.

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And to control the pore-ice girls use cosmetics made from decoctions of herbs: chamomile, green tea and mint. This tool is not only well-toned skin and tightens pores. Cosmetic ice should be applied after cleansing.
Achieve the desired result is also using lemon juice. To do this, the problem areas on your face, wipe the lemon juice with small amounts of water in it.
In addition, lemon juice can be used to make a mask based on egg protein. Take one egg white and add about fifteen drops of lemon juice. Apply the mask to an area with large pores, and then wait for about ten minutes.
Women with oily skin can try to make a mask based on the egg whites with the addition of corn flour. Thoroughly whisk one egg white, then add to it two tablespoons of corn flour. Mix well and apply the mixture on your face for about twenty minutes. The mask is washed off in two stages: first with warm water and then with cold.

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