How to cut a slanting bangs: hairdressers themselves

как подстричь косую челкуSide-swept bangs have become an integral part of hairstyles for women of any age and with any length of hair. She adorns a short haircut that complements medium length hair and makes a variety of feminine style with long hair. To make such bangs, no need to go to the hairdresser, because it is easy to cut at home when you have courage, a steady hand and sharp scissors. How to cut oblique bangs at home? It is very simple, there are several ways and they all come from one – choose what suits you best.


Self haircut bangs – is it worth the risk

подстригаем челку самиIf your intention is to add variety to your hairstyle by yourself, please follow a few basic rules to private you won’t have to rush to the salon, where a professional hairdresser urgently remedy the fruits of your own creativity.

Of course, there is a wise adage that hair grows back, and in the case of bangs, it will happen much quicker and less painful than if you had to grow a very short haircut. However, if you cut off too much, the shape of the bangs turned out to be not what you had in mind or a new style you simply is not even a professional is not always subject to correct your image. And then you will just have to wait for the complete regeneration of the length.


How to cut a slanting bangs: the main stages

стрижка челки самостоятельноPreparatory steps:

  • Comb the hair, divide them in a straight parting. Even if you don’t wear straight parting and slick their hair to one side, it is recommended to make a simple side parting for the proper formation of the bangs and highlight the smooth strands on the head.
  • Select an area in the frontal bangs area. For this acesite wide forward strand on the forehead and comb with a sharp tip, highlight the lock smoothly, indicating the parting of the triangle or circle as you like. The bangs should go smooth and not randomly separated by strand, this line will then be clearly visible, if you will do styling with a hair completely taken back, the ponytail, shell, beam.
  • To remove back hair. Acesite the whole mass of hair back and pull elastic rubber band – you no longer need.
  • Soak the bangs lightly, blot with a towel, carefully comb.
  • Next you will need to cut off a fringe to the desired level, and the way to choose in accordance to your style. If you are interested in straight cut at oblique bangs, you wear a traditional haircut and you do not need trimming and ragged strands, choose the first method. For those who prefer a non-trivial haircuts and stylish uneven bangs, it is recommended to try the second option. Whichever way you choose, if you are new and for the first time myself a hairdresser, do not ostrikite too much, then there will be the opportunity to adjust and length, and method of the slice.


Ostrikite bangs

стрижка косой челкиIf you wear bangs to the right side, comb the prepared strand, gently pick her up, holding it between index and middle finger, and move to the opposite side – to the left. Can fix the invisible strand flat or flat crab. Next you need to carefully make a straight cut at the desired length bangs. Cut a strand in a straight line, then release and move to the other side – you should get side-swept bangs with a diagonal cut. If necessary, trim the line or angle.

способы подстричь косую челкуThe second method of trimming oblique bangs differs from the first in that you are not cut straight strand and wrapped the harness. Take a section that you have allocated for fringe, roll up in a tight bundle so that you have a big enough tail for bevel cutting, fix the flagellum fingers. Then make a smooth diagonal slice and release the hair. The bangs in this case will not exactly slash, as in the first embodiment, and careless and messy, strands can be of different length, which is well suited for the distribution of fringe on two sides of the face.

After cutting the bangs you can once again roll her harness and carefully walk on the tips of either thinning shears or working a regular sharp scissors, holding them vertically.


Useful tips

советы как подстричь косую челкуNever cut bangs on dry hair. They need to be wet, but not completely wet. After wetting blot them with a towel. Wet hair, easier to cut, and you will risk to make a Bang chopped.

To cut bangs need sharp scissors designed for cutting hair. Never use household scissors, which do not possess the level of spiciness that smoothly and quickly to cut her hair. If you are going to always cut yourself bangs, not stingy and buy a good pair of scissors is a good investment.

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