How beautifully cut a fringe – easy ways

как красиво заколоть челкуTaking the decision to trim the bangs, we naively believe that thus become closer to the image of Jane Birkin or Taylor swift. Unfortunately, the reality is very quickly puts everything in its place. Bangs plays by its own rules, but fortunately, to help us come the tools and styling products, with which we can beautifully to kill the bangs and make it look the way we would like.



как красиво заколоть челкуThe easiest way to fix the bangs to stab her barrette. Modern fashion has raised in trend as glamorous hair and a simple school of darkness. In a solemn atmosphere quite appropriate small barrette with shimmering stones (exclusive models such accessories are very expensive), but for a casual everyday look, fit unassuming invisible that you can stab crosswise or several in a row. Laid on its side bangs equally well with straight hair and asymmetrically braided plait.


The parting

как красиво заколоть челкуRegrown, amorphous bangs uncomfortable. Not too long bangs can be laid by dividing its Central parting. The main thing in this laying – enough styling. Separated by the Central fringe will look stylish only in the presence of a means that changes the texture of the hair for extra volume.



как красиво заколоть челкуThe grown bangs can literally hide. For this you will need a narrow band for the hair. Dividing the bangs into two parts, wrap it up and hide the ends, fixing them with a bandage. This stacking allows not only to disguise the grown bangs but also to create a hairdo in the Greek style.

As headbands, you can use a narrow colored scarf. Particularly relevant this accessory when creating the image in the style of hippie or boho-chic. Hide the bangs under the scarf, secure it with a thin invisible. This technique looks great with a deliberately careless curls.



как красиво заколоть челкуBraid is a versatile way to fix the bangs. If you think for weaving into a braid bangs should be long, you are mistaken. Braid the bangs almost any length, and such laying will be relevant in any season and in any manner.

Braiding French braid at the top of the head, weaving the strands of hair from the bangs. Gently slide the braid to the forehead, adding volume. French braid at the center of the head is not the only way nicely to braid bangs, braid can be placed in the hairline, move to the side and so on. Experiment, and soon you will find your unique style.

Out the front on one side, pre-necessav her. The fleece needed to create extra volume. Then lift the bangs up by combining it with the collected at the top of the hair. This simple styling looks very elegant and perfect for special occasions and outputs the light.



как красиво заколоть челкуPlayful, laid-back image, you can create just stabbing the bangs up. The main thing is to pick the right accessory, cute bow will suit a young romantic girls, restrained, low-key clip – older ladies and admirers of the classical style.

Recorded at the top of the bangs perfectly with surround negligent beam. If desired, the bangs can be slightly necessaty or opposite, smooth, using a modeling tool.

Another way of fixing the bangs long enough Bang: divide the hair in the center, twist each of the parts of the flagellum and get back, fixing studs or invisible. This solution perfectly with long hair, straight or drop-down soft waves.

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