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Home Hair Care

Hair, waterfall flowing, shiny, lush and beautiful – for many years one of the main attributes of female beauty. Beautiful styling, or just a healthy, well-groomed hair cause mistress moral growth, confidence in their own irresistibility. A confident woman is strong interest from the opposite sex. Would be a great mistake to think that one trip to the barber shop or beauty salon does everything for you – hair will remain beautiful even before the first wash it. Hair care should be regular.

Care must begin by washing your hair treatments. Hair should be washed when you see that they are dirty. It is very important to choose the right shampoo to suit the type of your hair. Shampoo, before application to slightly dilute. After that, wash your hair at the roots, as the pollution is there. Massaging shampoo spread all over the head, and “scratched” the skin to remove the dead cells of the skin. After that, rinse the shampoo with warm water.
Please note – it is warm, as hot water stimulates the sebaceous glands and hair after washing quickly become greasy. In addition, the hot water desiccate hair, they become brittle and whipped. It is advisable to wash your hair twice, the second time I will take a small amount of shampoo – on clean hair, it will be very foamy. After the second wash, gently pat and

squeeze the hair with a towel and apply a hair conditioner or firming mask. After that, the hair will become soft and manageable. Because of its thick consistency conditioners should be applied to the ends and the length of hair, slightly departing from the roots, and leave for 2-5 minutes. If you have a balm that requires washing – wash your hair with warm water, otherwise the hair may remain fat, and bulk packing will not work. After all the above procedures, rinse your hair with cool water to the scales close.
It is not advisable to rub much after washing the hair, twist them harness – you risk to damage them. Wrap the hair with a towel, lightly blot the hair by removing excess moisture with it from the tips and lengths. Now, almost everyone uses the hair dryer. Less damage to the hair – choose low or medium temperature. Hot-air drying damages hair.
How to comb your hair?
It seemed, would be – a ridiculous topic. All are able to comb from early childhood. But still I advise you to read this excerpt the article and make sure that you do not harm your silky mane.
First – do not use iron combs. Because of its composition, they have indent on the (invisible to us) that cling when combing the hair and damage them. Plastics – is not the choice of material lchshy comb – with regular use, they dry the hair and damage ends. In our time the best are silicone comb. Every woman should massage brush – in addition facilitate combing, she massages the scalp, causing blood flow to the hair follicles, resulting in faster hair growth. Your brush should be armed with anti-static coating.
Hair properly combed neatly slow movements, gradually rising from the tips of the roots. Try smaller comb wet hair – it’s bad. If you have the time – every day for 5 minutes to massage the head. To do this, you can use your hands, massage brush, or special device. The slope down to brush your hair in all directions to bring blood flow to the hair roots.

And most important – do not forget to apply masks and balms. No need to buy expensive, branded formulations. There are many recipes for hair masks at home – try and entice you to
this process.

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