Highlights on brown hair – colouring play

мелирование на русые волосыBrown hair amazing variety of shades, this hair color is equally looks good in any season, but summer also lightened naturally. Often, however, light-brown hair girls think your hair color is quite boring and would like to change it. And here comes to the aid of highlights on brown hair.

Correctly selected color highlighting gives vitality to dull hair and revives even the most simple haircut. In addition, the clarification of individual strands emphasizes the eye shade and skin tone, gives hair extra volume and a special flair, as loose hair, and refined styling.


Features tone

мелирование на русые волосыAs a rule, highlighting involves the clarification of individual strands about two shades lighter than the natural hair color. There are full and local highlights, the first involves the selection of strands throughout the volume of the hair, the second is the clarification of the side strands, the strands in the hair, or elsewhere. In highlighting there is also a “dark side”, in this case, the strands are painted on a couple of shades darker than the natural hair color. Combined highlights is the traditional way using foil or equipment baleage, when the paint is applied directly to the hair with a special brush.

Modern trends promote soft natural hair color with light toning modulations. Fair-haired with pale skin benefit from a combination of its natural color with darker strands just a shade lighter. But by and large it all depends on your personal preferences, the lover contrast and bright solutions choose a more courageous decisions.


Diversity caramel shades

мелирование на русые волосыHighlights in moderate tones, soft caramel shades looks great with blond hair, deep chocolate color. The separation of the strands in the hair gives laying special charm and zest. The caramel variety of shades allows webmasters have a different interpretation of a particular tone. If you want to get out of the salon with the result that you expected, try to give the wizard a visual example of the shade that you want.

Accented with caramel highlights, refreshes not only the hair but also the skin tone, makes it more smooth and radiant. This highlights suitable for women with a light skin tone, and as a background tone looks perfect light brown, close to the blonde, tone. If caramel color is superimposed on the light, almost blonde basis that is rooted in the darker tones, make sure the correct care for colored hair. The darker the staining is very quickly washed away with blond hair, so in this case it is necessary to use special means for color-treated hair without sulfates concentration.

мелирование на русые волосыCaramel highlights broad strands of perfectly matched with a deep dark brown color. Particularly impressive in this case look more broad strands along the contour of the face. This type of highlighting perfect skin-moderate brown and dark tones, and dark brown base tone hair is the perfect backdrop for this impressive highlights. Hair length increases the effect of such “tuning”, do not forget about proper hair care. Once a week or two it is recommended to treat hair nourishing deep conditioning action. If you’ve not done this, try it and you will immediately notice the difference.

Highlights in caramel tones several shades gives blond hair, that is a primary color, depth, and volume. This mnogofotonnoi highlights looks equally good on straight hair and curls, especially when they gather in a high hairstyle. This style highlights the easiest to perform on light blond hair or the hair of moderate Rus tone. On dark hair is streaked hair may look too brightly. Choosing the colors that you plan to use in highlighting, try as much as possible to describe the desired tone and color, and it is better to show a visual example of what you want.

мелирование на русые волосыHighlights in the technique baleage always looks very soft and natural. Hair moderate blond color, not too bright and not too dark is a perfect base shade for highlighting baleage in soft caramel tones. Unfortunately, not all masters of hairdressing quite competent in the performance of this technique highlights, preferring it to the more traditional method of highlights using foils. Before you entrust your hair specialist, check out examples of his work and listen to the reviews of other customers.

Brown hair with warm chocolate shade look fabulous in combination with the highlighted strands saturated caramel tones, and this mix of colors looks equally good with any skin tone. Additional volume will emphasize the game and soft contrast colors. Lift hair at the roots using a dry shampoo, simply apply a small amount to the root zone and gently sweep the hair brush or comb in the direction from forehead to nape.

мелирование на русые волосыFashionable nowadays the effect of “Ombre” on dark brown hair looks especially luxurious, and this is one of the reasons for the popularity of this type of staining among Hollywood beauties. A soft transition from dark brown to a soft caramel give your hair a luxurious Shine and elegant charm. Pretty intense lightening and toning can only sustain a strong and healthy hair. Take care of sufficient nutrition and hydration of your hair, castigate damaged ends, and only after all that expose them to chemical dyes.

Brown hair and the darkest tones will Shine anew with highlighted strands in shades of dark caramel. Smuglokozhie beauties with dark skin tone – perfect candidates for this type of highlighting. To maintain the richness and brilliance of color don’t forget to use a special conditioner with color protection.

мелирование на русые волосыThe concentration of several caramel shades in the strands framing the face looks very stylish and is not dependent on time and brands. The perfect canvas for this type of highlights are medium brown hair and dark tones.

For maximum aesthetic effect, the shade and depth of caramel tone melirovanie strands experienced specialist selects individually, taking into account not only the natural color of the hair, but also their density and the density and type of face and skin tone.

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