Highlights on black hair, bright blotches

мелирование на черные волосыIf you don’t want to be burning brunette, but a radical change in the color you are also not attractive, highlights on black hair – exactly what you need.

The optimal choice of tone and shade of color depends on the specifics of image and personal preferences. By painting individual strands can achieve any effect, be it bright and avant-garde youth style, or soft, exquisite femininity. Highlights gives your hair new life, literally filling them with glitter and live play.

For black hair stylists recommend to choose restrained, not too contrasting with the basic hair color tone, the exception in this case are the lover of outrageous and avant-garde, preferring in highlighting bright and bold decisions,

The most popular colours in highlighting for black hair are shades of caramel and imitates natural blonde, however, along with these very natural variants brunettes are often chosen shades of mahogany, cognac or eggplant.


Bright highlights on black

мелирование на черные волосыBlonde classic option for those who would like to add freedom and playfulness in his understated way. Many brunettes wanna be blonde, but not all are solved on such a radical change. Blond lock of long black hair creates interesting and original accent. The intensity of the light shade is chosen individually. For some people, this is a sharp platinum, someone like soft honey tone. Bright highlights on black hair, can be done at home, the main thing is to follow the instructions.

  • Get set for highlighting at home the desired light shade. If you are the owner of a dense, ultra black hair and want to create a contrasting bright accent, you will need a set with a clarifier. Without clarifier black hair can lose two to three tone, not more. So wear an old t-shirt and prepare all the tools.
  • Carefully read the instructions attached to the kit box for highlights. Do not neglect test for allergies. Test on a small strands. Locate the bleached strands and their width. Broad strands to create a truly contrasting, dramatic look, highlighting the thin strands fans choose natural, restrained style.
  • Wear gloves and cap highlights.
  • Follow the instructions, mix until uniform consistency of all components of the dye mixture.
  • Through the holes in the cap stringing strands for highlighting. You should not get all the locks immediately, remove one section of hair, apply the paint, then separate the following. Melious mixture should be applied, moving from the roots to the tips of the hair.
  • Set the timer for the time period recommended for exposure to the dye mixture. When using the Dodge change of hair color over time is particularly noticeable, so it is very convenient to monitor the intensity of staining. Noticing that the hair has acquired the desired shade, wash off the paint with water. Do not leave melious the mixture on the hair for longer than recommended by the instructions. Prolonged exposure to chemical components severely damage the hair, which eventually leads to weakening and breakage of hair.
  • Wash off the paint, be sure to apply on hair conditioner with color protection, for a deeper impact, let the product on the hair for five minutes to seven, then rinse with water. Dry and style hair. If after the first painting you did not manage to achieve the desired shade, re-staining it is recommended to repeat not less than one month after the first.
  • When applying malinowa mixture is very important to evenly distribute it throughout the length of the strands. Uneven coloring looks sloppy and unprofessional.

Highlights using several shades at the same time it is better to trust a professional.


Sweet caramel

мелирование на черные волосыGlaring lights caramel shades on black hair looks very stylish. Huge selection of tones, from dark chocolate caramel to honey and cream shades gives dark hair fashionable accent.


Luxurious greens

мелирование на черные волосыOf course, the green color for highlighting strands won’t work for every woman. The use of this color in the hair coloring should be based on a particular common style, appearance and clothing. Typically, such a bold decision prefer teenage girls and Amateur outrageous.


Soft chocolate and hazelnut nougat

мелирование на черные волосыA variety of brown shades – classic highlights for black hair. Brown locks look great on dark hair of any shade, this highlights will appeal to women and girls of any age. Light brown tone is more advantageous to look in combination with fair skin, dark brown is ideal for those who prefer understated, but quite expressive solutions. Brown is the perfect tone for the experiments, starting with the darkest shades, if you wish, you will gradually be able to bring highlights to the desired result without frightening many sharp contrast.


Red Burgundy

мелирование на черные волосыBurgundy can also be attributed to the classic shades of highlights for black hair. This color is expressive enough, but it doesn’t look stridently. Special effect such highlighting gives extra Shine, almost solid highlights on top fades into individual strands closer to the ends of the hair under the power to do only professional, so it’s best not to save and to trust staining of a true master.


The original pink

мелирование на черные волосыOf course, pink is impossible to name the most popular color for highlights on black hair, but in the context of a specific style, this version definitely has a right to exist. For example, Gothic or grunge style perfectly comparable with the strands in pink colours, different shades, different depth and intensity of color. This type of highlights will suit young girls, romantic people and admirers of a brand “Barbie”.


Trendy purple

мелирование на черные волосыPurple color is distinguished by the variety of tones and shades and all of them successfully acts as a tone for highlighting black hair. Saturated purple strands or a light shade of lavender on pre-lightened locks – regardless of what you choose, Magenta definitely in trend.


The beauty of the red

мелирование на черные волосыRed is not as straightforward as one may think. Highlights in red is not necessarily a blood-red strands, and a mixture of orange and gloss dark purple, rest assured, painted in reddish strands will not allow you to merge with the gray crowd. They are equally luxurious look as curly, and straight black hair.


Colorful combinations

Considering the variety of tones and shades, to stay on one color can be difficult. If you are not able to be determined between the two colors, do not torture yourself, use both, this solution fits well into the scope of modern trends. Purple pale shades fits perfectly with a light strands, and caramel motives with soft brown tone. The ability to combine multiple shades can be realized by highlighting popular technique of “Ombre” with darker colours on top and a gradual transition to lighter shades on the ends of the hair.

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