Highlighting hair: stylish solar flare

мелирование волосHighlighting hair of any type and natural colors makes the hair volume, and the image of a stylish and charming. Highlights – this is no longer the decimation of the main mass of hair lighter locks, but the real peak of hairdressing art in painting. Colorist with the experience to make plain “tail” shock of thick curls, iridescent shining different shades, including up to six to eight colours. There is not a women who would not come highlights hair – for blondes and brunettes, and brown hair has its own technology.


Evolution highlights

мелирование волосHighlights in the West as highlights, meaning the Hizdakchut of the strands that mimic the sun-bleached hair. When the technique of the highlights was in its infancy, the result came out not always natural, sometimes bizarre. The main thing was to achieve the differences in color streaks placed a few shades. Highlights were carried out in the most primitive way was made by a rubber cap, locks were wide and stood on the background of the main mass of hair. Girls with dark and long hair, resorted to highlighting, often received effect zebras, which currently equates to a poorly executed highlighting.

Modern technologies of mixing colors and allocation of strands for clarification allow highlights stylish and natural. Regardless of the source of hair color hair gets volume, growing roots not so noticeable as in the complete lighten the tone in tone, but the gray is effectively hidden. All this makes highlights one of the most popular of hairdressing services of our time.

Rubber cap for pulling out of her strands hook in the past. Sometimes women use it at home if you desire to do everything yourself. Professional master colorist resort to innovative techniques of highlights, which include working with foil and special comb for selecting a thin uniform locks. The main thing in quality highlighting effect, though his hair was burnt out in the sun or have sprouted roots, but the girl left the painting for a few months. This gives the image negligent sexuality, which is achieved many hours wizard.


Classic highlights

мелирование волосClassic highlighting present blonde highlights, tone, which can vary from one to up to six to eight. The more colors, the more stylish and space looks hairstyle. To lighten may entire mass of hair, which mixes several shades of blonde, and the only part that shows weak and thin hair. Increasingly, women resort to easy highlighting, leaving several thick strands of a person, leaving untouched the whole mass of hair. This technique is suitable for brunettes who do not want to become a blonde, but not averse to bring freshness in your usual way.


American highlights

мелирование волосTo get a natural look of the highlights of the wizard is not limited to one lighten the hair powder, as it was before. Strands discolored and tinted, hair blend of warm and cold colors, platinum, ash, pearl and honey shades depending on the color type and source of hair color. The technology mix different shades of blonde to obtain a dynamic natural result called the American highlighting.



мелирование волосIntroduction to hair not only shades of blonde, but also colored strands, in particular shades of red, got the name of coloring. Like the previous view of highlighting this is also known as a term American Colors or Crazy Colors. This technique denies naturalness, she insists on most crazy colors, including purple, crimson, blue. This highlights suitable for young girls, for special cases. Expressed art direction coloring allows him to become a regular item programs hairdressing competitions.


Ombre (degrade) – sexy negligence

мелирование волосTechnique Ombre or degrade today is one of the most sought after by a clientele beauty salons services for the hair. Ombre is the effect, when the dark roots are gradually moving at lightening the length or only the ends of the hair. Skilled craftsmen clarified the length is not flat, mixing it blonde highlights different tones, leaving the top-free. Ombre looks like hair burned themselves in the sun and hair left for a few months untouched because of the dark roots.

Ombre is the preferred technique hair color for brunettes. It contributes to the image of novelty, refreshing hair, looks much more natural than the flat lighting and even dynamic American highlights. It does not injure the roots of the hair, perfect for women who do not want to paint hair monthly, by shading growing root zone.

Modern highlighting has no restrictions and technique will select the wizard, depending on the type and hair color, and desires of the client. For light-skinned girls is well suited classic highlights or lightening rare strands of a person. Rus brown hair look dull and hairstyle unattractive because of the “mouse” colors, you can make American natural highlights. The combination of different shades of blonde hairstyle allows effectively mask gray. Brilliant brunettes should try the technique Ombre drop-down blonda.

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