Hairstyles spring-summer 2014 – current trends of the season

summer hairstyle sought because of their large strands.

  • And short of the caret will create the image of “obedient little girls”. This hair does not require any particular installation, if the hair is not connected to it by nature. You can make the hair look easy rattrapante.
    • The next hairstyle is created using the cervical handkerchief. You simply tie a scarf on her neck, grasping her hair.
    • This season, the emphasis is on the Golden accessories. Jewelry should be in the form of gold coins, which are attached to the hair or wide leather blindfold.
    • Beams and shells also relevant in this year. But to raise the hair is too high is not worth it. Put them at the center of the head or neck.
    • Another hit will be the effect of wet hair. As if you just took a shower, and there was no time to dry your hair. They should look slightly damp and laid in a hurry.
    • The caret color platinum blond with a clear, correct lines are also very popular this year.
    • Stylists offer another variation on the theme of low pony tail. Wavy hair carelessly assembled on the back of my head pressing this spring. Hair looks thick and tousled by the wind.
    • Forget about bangs and curls framing the face. Just satelite a strand of hair back and fix invisible, or a barrette. Can use the styling gel.
    • Usually to braid-braid or collect tail, we smoothly combs her hair in the middle. But this year, the proposed change their habit. Just smooth hair, leaving them loose and free falling on his head.

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