Hairstyles for long hair is mischievous and solemn (55 photos)

прически для длинных волосLong beautiful hair – main decoration of the girls. But, because long hair attract more attention, they must be nourished and healthy. Because of the length, the hair will be a wonderful material for creating stylish and fashionable image.

Hairstyles for long hair suitable for any type of face. You can every day to change the hair, creating every time a fresh and stylish way. Well maintained, silky, shiny, well-styled hair add vividness to your look. Hairstyles for long hair look particularly impressive on the hard thick hair, because they balance the hair and help to keep them under control.

Popular hairstyles for long hair


The most fast and easy hair style for long hair is a pony tail and its variation. If you have a perfectly straight hair, you will need not more than one minute, to collect them in a ponytail. If by nature hair a little hover – okay, use hair straighteners to straighten. If you hide gum under the lock of hair, which are wrapped around the tail, your hair will look more carefully. You can also make a tail with several bands. Making the hair on top, drag elastic hair band. Next, начесывать tail itself, add a few more elastic in different parts of the tail. This hairdo is suitable for both work and relax in the evening in the restaurant or nightclub, and even for a solemn exit is not for nothing that it is so often seen on the red carpet.


Classic hairstyle – long flowing hair

This haircut is Katharine, Duchess of Cambridge. Although it is part of the Royal family, hairstyle she’s quite simple: the hair is cut at the level of the same length and the tips are slightly curled. However, this hairstyle looks best on thick hair (otherwise the tips will be assigned from the hair), but is suitable for almost any shape of face, except oblong (it even more lengthens). To create big hair at the tip, use a large curlers or tongs perming.

Because long hair is prone to split ends, you need each week to do masks for hair and cut the ends of every two months.


Soft asymmetrical tiered haircut

Layered haircuts create the illusion of volume and thick stacks, which men find it very sexy. In addition, long layered haircuts allow you to do laying as simple and fast. If you are working or studying, you will love the asymmetrical Bob, because the strands do not interfere with work and not confuse others. For laying enough hair to be washed and dried, and then slightly twist the strands on a round brush or heated rollers

This haircut is Sofia Vergara. Soft asymmetrical tiered haircut especially suitable for owners of round and diamond-shaped face, she looks particularly impressive on straight or curly hair as hard locks require care.

If you have a round face, levels, individuals should not be above the chin; if you slightly stretched face levels front should be short (above the chin), also recommend adding the bangs.


Graduated asymmetrical tiered haircut

Asymmetrical haircuts for long hair is perfect for those who are not afraid to experiment, but does not want to part with long hair. You can experiment with bangs and strands of a person, without affecting the basic mass of hair. Pay attention to the hairstyle of the Mink Kelly – her long hair trimmed cascade from the chin. If long cascade locks – is too easy for you, add novelty with bangs and custom installation.


Curly long hair (small and big hair)

Note hairstyle Beyonce – her naturally curly hair is actually a few inches longer than it seems. To create the effect of luxury shock of hair allows layered haircut (the distance between the levels is five to seven inches). This hairstyle is best suited for curly or wavy hair naturally that pliers or heated rollers can be laid in a large or small curls.


Long hair with bangs

Bangs helps to soften the hard-line skull or visually decrease face, square, oval and oblong, like Olivia Wilde. Moreover, bangs for long hair all shapes and lines – trend of recent years. Bangs attracts the attention to the face, captures the view of the person on the face.

The main task of selecting bangs for long hair is the right choice of forms, which will match the type of your face. The owners of «triangular» form suitable person thin, light bangs for long hair arched. This form bangs for long hair creates a balance of several heavy upper part of the face and chin. Chubby girls will come slightly profiled long bangs. Owners of a wide cheekbones contraindicated too short bangs long hair, which accentuates the facial features. Girls with a narrow face is perfect dense fringe, with clear cut, which, incidentally, are unquestionable trend of this season. Women who had a large nose and heavy features of the face can mitigate them with long soft hair and oblique bangs from the line side the parting.


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