Hairstyle with a braid bangs: endless possibilities

стрижки с косой челкойTrendy haircuts with oblique bangs should try it at least once every girl. Side-swept bangs can give a person sophistication, the lack of volume in the area of the forehead, visually correct certain features that seem flawed. You can try several forms oblique bangs that fit your basic haircut in the future to adjust your style from time to time change the hairstyle. With bangs just become another little effort, it’s just a few inches of hair, which can be easily removed from the person or issue on the forehead, and the effect of the bangs are amazing.


Pixie haircut with long oblique bangs

Popular short haircuts “feathers” throughout the mass of hair that falls off, then comes back and bangs this haircut is often recommended as short as all the strands. However, restrictions on the style no longer exists, and you can carry short pixie haircut, combining it with a long or short oblique bangs, which will give the image of flavor and diversify the range of possible pilings for you.

Pixie with braid bangs – a good haircut for oval face, it is suitable for girls with small features and large eyes that side-swept bangs, stacked diagonally on the forehead, will attract attention.

пикси с косой челкой Джиннифер Гудвин

Ginnifer Goodwin

стрижка пикси с косой челкой Дженна Элфман

Jenna Elfman

стрижка пикси с длинной косой челкой Эльзы Патаки

Elsa Pataki

Actress ginnifer Goodwin is their style a great example of how a round, childish and pretty face looks great with a pixie haircut and a scythe graduated bangs, evenly distributed across the forehead. Stylish hairstyle with sharp strands gives the actress style “flavor”, which is lost in long smooth hair with this type of appearance. Oblique bangs carries and expressed a corrective function – it minimizes the roundness of the face. Smooth long, side-swept bangs Jenna, Elfman has the same length as all the strands, and this hairstyle is great for a harmonious oval face and small eyes. Elsa Pataki more bold option short pixie with long torn oblique bangs.


Short Bob

Sleek short Bob length to the chin, focusing on the top of the face, it becomes a real boon for girls with long a long face or heart-shaped form with a broad forehead and narrow chin. Side-swept bangs to such persons should be predominantly long, without calibrating, straight and smooth. The same goes for chubby women or girls with wide cheekbones. Straight short Bob with a simple thick oblique long bangs is perfect for them, it is simple in styling and does not require special care.

One example of such hairstyle shows Michelle Williams, the owner of a round face, and other famous girls with any type of person – all their haircuts are alike, and best of all they look good in platinum blonde.


Classic straight Bob with smooth oblique bangs

Dark smooth thick hair and round face – a reason to try to imagine the effect of smooth direct kata with oblique long bangs. Examples of this hairstyle show Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, both dark-haired, with chubby cheeks, and similar haircuts. Sleek Bob demonstrates the beauty and natural Shine of hair and inclined long thick bangs visually removes excessive roundness of the face.

боб с косой челкой Селена Гомес

Selena Gomez

прямой боб с косой челкой Ванесса Хадженс

Vanessa Hudgens

прямой боб с гладкой косой челкой Николь Ричи

Nicole Richie

Blondes too well suited to this type of haircut, but if you have thin hair, you should not stay on a straight cut, and to make a small graduations of a person, as shown in example Nicole Richie.


Graduated Bob with a torn oblique bangs

Graduated haircuts and bangs – the choice of young, confident women who like loose style, not afraid of new forms and styles. Dianna Agron graduated its tousled Bob haircut with a torn oblique bangs shows how interesting it can look similar hairstyle in evening style, and that it did not affect the perception of femininity.

градуированный боб с косой челкой Дианна Агрон

Dianna Agron

градуированный боб с рваной косой челкой Карли Клосс

Karlie Kloss

Such a hairstyle is recommended for girls with thin hair, the colour should be mixed, with emphasized contrast the roots of the Golden and platinum blonde haircut looks lively and modern. To style this haircut with mousse, running his fingers through hair during blow-drying. If haircut with pronounced steps along the entire length, dry strands, squeezing them slightly. Strands also can tweak the vertical way, as in the example of model Karlie Kloss, and you will receive a luxurious feminine hairstyle for an evening out.


Haircut on long and medium hair

When medium and long hair any basic haircuts, straight-line cut on the ends, stepped graduations inclined Bang shown in the same forms of the face. Try to stand and Bang, and the total weight of the hair in the same style, for example, if you have long hair with intense graduations over the entire length, even bangs will also be sought-torn. To direct the hair is more suitable or long thick oblique bangs that can be hidden behind the ear or diagonal bangs, walking down the eyebrows, down to the cheeks.

If your choice is medium hair and haircut cascade with acute unruly ends, choose the bangs the same shape, so you can pull it out or mess up appropriately for your installation.

Examples of celebrities will help you to choose a haircut with braid bangs – take into service their face shape, color and texture of hair.

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