Hairstyle waterfall is flowing strands

прическа водопадHairstyle waterfall looks incredibly elegant and feminine. While many are afraid of the complexity of execution of such, at first glance, filigree weave. Of course, simple not call him, but, having mastered certain skills, you will be able to create beautiful and interesting hairstyle.

The main difficulty lies in the practice of weaving in the back of the head, that is, by touch. Of course, braid braid waterfall on the other person easier, but, if there is practice and a certain amount of patience, you will learn how to weave such a braid on her head.


Dutch braid waterfall

Start with hair straightening, in principle, this weave looks good on curly hair, so, if desired, this step can be omitted. To create extra volume hair can be slightly NACESTI on top. Lightweight fleece will create a more soft and feminine image.

  • Define point tatting and separate in this place a small lock. You can, for example, start with the highest point, above the right eye.
  • The separated strand divide into three small parts.
  • Start to weave plain Dutch braid, i.e. the middle strand is always on top of the outer strands, or in other words the outer strands always go under the bottom middle.
  • Braiding full “stitch” having an average strand once over both the outer strands.
  • Now release the middle section of hair, she should feel free to hang down.
  • And now begins the most difficult part of the weave. Take a small strand of hair to add in a braid as the middle strand. Do not add a new strand as the bottom, otherwise the weave will go wrong. The result of these manipulations did you miss the “old” middle strand, replacing it with a new one in the same place.
  • Now flip the middle strand through the outer bottom strand. Thus we form the outer edge of the spit, which kinda acts of the General netting.
  • Now add some hair to the upper and lower strands (as well as we do that with plain weave Dutch braids) and flip through it middle strand.
  • At this point we finish the second “stitch”.
  • Repeat steps 5 through 7 until, until you reach the point where I plan to finish weaving. You should get a diagonal going from the right temple to the left ear.
  • About 5 cm behind the left ear, twist flagellum small strand of hair and popliteus it invisible, later we will use this section to disguise the locking pins.
  • Now, take two stealth and kill the remaining hair right behind the ear. (for better fixation stealth is better to slaughter wise). Free pinned in advance the strand and cover fixing it invisible.
  • Trim braid and fold the hair the way you want, when you want, you can slightly loosen the weave, if possible.

If you decide to do this hairstyle for prom or a wedding, it is possible to wind flowing locks of beautiful, flowing curls.


Spit “waterfall” method No. 2

You will need a hair brush, comb with a sharp end to separate the strands, bottle of spray two thin hair elastics, hairspray (optional).

  • If you have a particular skill at weaving this spit will take 20-25 minutes.
  • Make slightly offset to one side of the parting.
  • Peel off a fairly large section of hair from the ear up to the line of parting.
  • We divide this section the hair into four equal strands, two outer strands we denote the strand 1 and strand 4, inner, middle will be the strand 2 and strand 3.
  • Take the two middle strands, strands 2 and 3, and swap them, cross crossing over them.
  • The outer strands, strands 1 and 4 and swap them with the average, so you get a new middle section (the new external borders of the now steel strands 1 and 4, and the average is strands 2 and 3).
  • Now connect one strand strands 2 and 3.
  • Now, take the upper strand 1 and flip it over the two middle strands, combining it with the lower strand 4 so it turns out the first sector of weaving.
  • Close to parting, take a small strand of hair, loop it through the United strands 2 and 3, but under the lower strand 4, and fold it (the strand becomes the first “jet waterfall”.
  • Divide the average strand on the original strands 2 and 3, and then divide the outer edge in strands 1 and 4.
  • Take the outer strands and twist them with medium strands, in the same way as in step 4.
  • Repeat steps 4-9 until then, until the spit will not get the desired length.
  • Forming a waterfall, complete simple braid plait and secure with a rubber band.
  • Also braiding braid waterfall on the other side.
  • Two ended spit slide back and lock them together.
  • And now braiding braid fishtail”, will her fan and secure with a rubber band.
  • Remove the top rubber band, so that “waterfall” mixed with “fish tail”.
  • Sprinkle hairstyle hair spray, add accessories.


Waterfall free curls

A method of creating beautiful curls waterfall depends on the structure and length of hair. This styling looks not only universal, but also a truly elegant and feminine.

  • Curls waterfall on heated rollers

To create such installation you will need a curler medium or large size. Divide the hair into triangular sections, the thinner the slice, the more tightly will curl. Twist the strands on the curler. To create more living image, you can use curlers of different sizes, placing larger curlers in the back of the head, and the smaller ones in front. Once the rollers have cooled, wrap the curl on his finger and popliteus that the locks are engaged. It will take about an hour. Brushing hair, apply hairspray. If you want to create a more soft and flowing curls in the front part of the head, front strands can be woven flat iron or Curling iron.

  • Curls with hair clip

The curls hold longer if cheat hair after a shower, while they are still wet or specially sprinkle them with water. Divide the hair into strands and spray them with hairspray. Twist the hair into small bundles and fix invisible. It is better to carry out these manipulations at night, cover your head with a scarf or wide scarf and go to sleep. You should not be afraid too wet hair, except for the night they will not have time to dry. If in the morning you find that the hair is still wet, gently dry them, and then remove stealth. Release the hair, comb through hair with your fingers. It is better not to use a comb, and put the curls with your hands. Finally sprinkle the curls with hairspray.

  • The hair on the iron

Cheat moist or pre-moistened hair. Fingers apply to the entire length of the hair product that protects hair from the effects of high temperatures. To give extra volume to the roots of the hair, apply a mousse. Divide the hair into strands of a desired thickness, alternately wrap each strand around the top pressing, rolling it up until it almost touches the scalp. After a few seconds release the lock. If desired, the contour of the face can be screwed smaller curls. In conclusion, sprinkle styling hair spray.

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