Haircuts for long hair with bangs from the curls to the strands

стрижки на длинные волосы с челкойChoose a hairstyle for long hair is not so simple. Haircuts for long hair with bangs can be implemented as a cascade, in retro style, decorated in sensuous curls or straight strands.

A great contrast is slightly thinned straight bangs and ringlets on all length of hair. Haircut for medium hair looks great thanks to falling to the side bangs that covers part of the face giving the image some mystery.



Will be back in fashion haircut “cascade” with ragged bangs a little longer than usual. Short bangs perfect for retro style. Long bangs on one side gives the haircut “cascade” of liveliness. Pronounced the haircut “cascade” and unruly hair falling over the eyes will give your look expressive and confidence.


Graphic haircut

In fashion graphic haircut for long hair. Sophistication haircuts accented by light asymmetry at the ends and thick bangs.



Straight haircut in the style of the 60s necessarily to your taste at first glance. Hair straight and smooth, and thick, rounded bangs give the image of modernity and will make your look charming.

Easy haircut “cascade” will make your face more expressive, and bangs that reach the eyebrows, soften the look. To add variety and give the haircut for long hair modern times, will help asymmetric bangsfalling on the face.

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