Haircuts for fine hair can visually increase the volume?

стрижки для тонких волосSpecialists dealing with the problem of hair loss, do not believe that a complete rejection of painting and heat treatment can prevent hair loss problem. They believe that we need to be more careful and consistent in chemical treatment and hair styling keep hair healthy, not having to change their habits.

  • If you normally dyed hair and did coloring or highlighting, try to withdraw the blanket painting, staining or мелируя individual strands; alternatively, you can choose upholstered tinting paint close to your natural hair color.
  • Not заплетайте hair in tight braids and not pulls in a pony-tail, this load is very negative impact on the condition of thin hair.
  • If you decide to straighten your hair in a salon, use a very harmless and gentle ways of using creatine and other caring ingredients.

What is our hair

Actually hair is dead tissue, the live part of the follicle to be under the skin of the head. The hair that we laid, стрижем and paint is a collection of hair rods, each of them consists of a protein called keratin. The outer layer of the hair shaft is called the cuticle. If the hair cuticle smooth, firm and strong, and then your hair look beautiful and healthy. Cuticle covers internal cortical layer and the core of the hair, and consists of layers, design reminds of a multi-tiered skirt.

Styling and blow-drying, loosen the surface of the cuticle, thus creating the effect of fullness and volume. Stylists working with Hollywood stars, note that in fact many of them do not have a very good hair, although in public their hairstyles look perfect. There are a lot of tricks and gimmicks to create a poofy hair and create the effect of a healthy beautiful hair. Many stars use overhead strands; the bald, thin hair and any other problem can be disguise, if takes a true professional.

There are a few basic haircuts for fine hair that allow you to visually create the effect of a thickness of hair, and divert attention from the zones with much thinning hair. Choose one of those haircuts and grievances their hair you have diminished.

Short classic Bob

This elegant haircut length up to the chin is ideal for thin hair and masking of depleted zones at the crown and nape. To distract attention from the small bald patches will side strands bangs. This haircut does not require sophisticated styling, a bit of modeling tools and Hairdryer will help to create a volume and shape. Haircut Bob is universal, you can put it in the direction of the person, or Vice versa dry strands, directing a jet of air ahead. For example, Cybil Shepard or Anna Wintour, these women have made their choice in favor of short Bob haircuts and clearly made the right decision.

Short jagged Bob

For a larger image of the individual strands can be done with different lengths. Protruding slightly casual styling creates the effect of thick hair and living. This option haircuts Bob ideal for masking of depleted zones at the crown and nape. Ragged naughty Bob chose Meg Ryan and Helen Mirren.

Haircut medium length up to her shoulders, with cut-off angle of long lateral locks

The length of the shoulders is the best choice for thin hair, this creates the impression of sufficiently long hair. It is important to remove all the excess from the tips, allow hair to breathe and move freely. If you find it hard to imagine how it looks similar haircut, look at Susan Sarandon or Susan Sommers.

Short graduated haircut with bangs

Perhaps this haircut seems a bit boyish, but it can not refuse in refinement and sexy. If you have a beautiful long neck, not heavy, but very well-defined line cheekbones and especially thin hair in front of the head, feel free to choose a haircut. It helps hide the disadvantages of hair and creates a very interesting and dynamic way, like Shirley Маклэйн and Judy Дэнч.

In addition to proper grooming, there are certain secrets and tricks that will help thin hair look thicker and thicker.

  • It is important to find the correct technique of drying hair dryer and modeling styling, suitable to your type of hair consistency and texture.
  • Slightly dry hair hot hair dryer, lifting the hair with your fingers. Try to make fast movement, and does not apply comb or comb.
  • Before applying styling hair must be dried to eighty percent. In the hair almost nobody should stay water, they feel should be slightly moist. Tool to add volume will not give the desired effect if the hair is not well dried.
  • Then apply styling foam or to create volume. Tools with a light non-greasy texture raise the hair at the roots, giving laying shape and volume. Women with thin hair better to avoid gels, simulating creams, means for hair straightening and polishing, as well as serums with the content of silicone. Such funds aggravate hair, making them Shine and make the area with thinning hair more prominent. Even if the label indicates that an agent of the above-mentioned group gives scope and splendor thin hair – resist the temptation to buy it. The desired effect it will not, and you are just wasting your money.
  • Still a bit dry the hair already caused them mousse, then smooth the ends of circular or straight brush.
  • At the final stage of dry the hair, sending curls hands in the necessary party. When completely dry hair fast easy motion smoothing pressing walk from the middle to the ends of the strands. Not to straighten the same strand several times or delay the iron in one place.

Secrets dyeing thin hair

The problem of thin hair should be considered as medical and cosmetic point of view. Imagine every lock of his hair in the form of fiber, in twenty years, the fiber was in the form of yarn and fifty источилось to the lonely thread.

Permanent colouring for hair thickening

Permanent hair coloring helps to make thin hair somewhat thicker and bigger. Pigments penetrate the outer layer of cuticles, thereby increasing the thickness of the hair shaft. If you have thin hair stable hair dye may indeed to some extent solve your problem. Paint thickens each hair individually, why in General, your hair looks nice and bigger.

The play of light and depth in combination, and the alternation of different tones

Some women, when confronted with the problem of hair loss, decide to become a blonde or, if they already are and do, make hair lighter. The professional stylists consider it one of the most widespread and gross errors. If in the weak drop-down hair you too высветлите hair, they look absolutely transparent, and this will attract more attention to the problem areas. Try experimenting with tones, light blonde combined with darker tint or even light-brown hue with more light and bright shades of brown on top and give the depth of color and create the effect of larger amounts of hair. Brunettes can also play with color, making coloring in a few close shade of tone, leaving the dark as the base color. Staining thin hair the same color will reveal problem areas, while the combination of close shade of different colors to distract from them and create the illusion of more dense and thick hair.

Colouring of hair thinned hair on line growth

In rare thin hair hair dye very quickly seizes on the hair line. This is not surprising, colored tool is always more severe in places where the hair is thin and sparse. Dark-haired women may try to paint the locks of the hair growth in soft tones of brown color. If you are a brunette, and accustomed to dye your hair at home, choose paint a tone lighter than I would like.

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