Haircuts Bob: timeless style

виды стрижки бобBob – versatile and many-sided haircut, which has no power over time. She burst into fashion at the dawn of the «roaring» twenties and have not left her, from time to time becoming acute trend of a decade. Scarcity of the forms of the early replaced by a diversity of types of in our time that made Bob-caret basis for mass stylish image. Haircuts Bob varied, and each woman is able to choose for themselves one or the other of its kind to match your personal taste, style and type of appearance.

Under Bob implied haircut with long hair from the top of the ear to shoulder. Traditionally Bob was direct, that is, his hair the same length. Bangs in the twenties was a fashionable addition to, and an integral attribute of a haircut Bob – she did hairstyle like a miniature cap. Trendy Bob remarkably combined with hats-bell, which are almost completely repeated his form. Haircut originally from the twenties of the last century is still relevant, but to wear this style, you must have perfect hair and flawless shape of the face, which attracted attention.


Popular haircuts Bob-caret

The most common types of Bob haircuts can be conditionally divided into two parts. The first is closer to the original version of this hairstyle, smooth, smooth, without daring ragged lines hint of the asymmetry. The second type is a branch, the modern interpretation of the classic Bob, which include torn locks, calibration, филировку, which give the hair volume and informality.


Elegant smoothness

Classics of the genre – short straight Bob with bangs, almost worn almost a hundred years ago. To hair does not look too heavy, that is possible under smooth homogeneous dark hair, can be a little thin out the bangs. This haircut attracts attention to your eyes and perfect oval face with a narrow chin area without prominent cheekbones.

Another interpretation of traditions – Bob, whom many years unfaithful Anna Wintour. In it to have bangs eyebrow, but the total length reaches the chin. Thanks многооттеночному blonde such Bob looks elegant and dynamic, suitable for both young girls and Mature women.

If the previous view haircuts Bob cut the whole length to the level of a Bang and give to the volume using the elaboration of layers, we get a haircut-ball. It is similar to the classic boyish haircut, but her image is very beautiful. This haircut is also suitable for owners of smooth shape of the face.

Everyone remembers the haircut, which glorified Mireille Mathieu. It was very popular in the seventies, which do not lose their relevance today. This interpretation grooming-care-ball has mobility, more advantageous this hairstyle looks dark, perfectly straight hair.

Haircut with shorter the neck and elongated front area became a real hit of the new century. It can be called the opposite of the previous one – it has no bangs in the front part of the longer the back. This type of bean promoted known fashionista Victoria Beckham, showing how a cheeky haircut can be combined with a touch of platinum blond.


The rebellion of the volume

Graduated Bob close to a «cascade», but the traditional «cascade», as a rule, more elaborate. It is good for persons of different shape, and if you make a deep slash parting and the form and features of the face can be corrected visually.

Sometimes everyone decides movements with scissors and a correctly chosen стайлинговое tool in the absence of which haircut would look boring. Direct Bob no bangs with uneven tips fit wax or «тянучкой» and result in a new form, which is good, for example, for a hike in the club.

If your hair is quite voluminous and have no problems with the persistence of this volume all day, you can make short Bob with a raised occipital area, decorated strands throughout the mass of hair. This type is very good as a universal basis for the classic feminine styling and original solutions in сталинге.

Elegant graduated short Bob with oblique bangs is a great solution for people with fine hair. He gives the hair volume, but the difficulty lies in the daily laying such a haircut.

Asymmetrical Bob layers of more than one year is a favorite of young girls, who again and again resort to it. One part of the head can either have shorter hair, or do сбритые. Once having decided to make yourself asymmetrical Bob, you should understand that the form will have to adjust regularly, otherwise hairstyle will not be held.


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