Haircuts 2014: well forgotten old

стрижки 2014A good haircut emphasizes facial features and creates the correct message to others. Competent and also trendy haircut, made with the latest trends of the season, guarantee or other promise – you will not only look after your appearance, but in the course of fashion trends, not afraid of change. So, you may be dealing with. Haircuts 2014 will not let you get lost in the crowd of those who did not dare to make a small update to their everyday way of life.

Short you have hair or long, if you pay attention to the suggestions of well-known stylists, you can easily create a good reputation.


Short haircuts with surround frontal area

Short haircuts practical, but they are often criticized, because they lack femininity. This is not so, because with the right approach to the design of haircut, any woman will feel attractive and stylish. It is enough to leave the area of the forehead and temples, and simply put, the region bangs long enough and texture to create different styling.

The bulk of the hair should not be too short, now there is a trend towards the creation of a careless style hairstyles that hair a month or two did not know of scissors and a steady hand of a master. Such haircuts with carelessly shaven dense graded bangs, which can be curled or put in Mohawk, slightly sheresheva, perfect for young girls, but also can get more Mature women, tired of the smooth lines of their previous hairstyles.


Caret-Bob with bangs

When dark hair with a glossy Shine, natural shade or painted in a uniform color, such a hairstyle might look like helmets inanimate, but incredibly glamorous. However, this trend in 2014 in fashion again, what is called French caret with a clear contour lines, thick straight bangs up eyebrows is the trend of the year.

This rack is ideal for owners of dark thick healthy hair, which by nature are prone to stiffness. In such a haircut they do not need to try to tame – they take the desired shape, which does not require any additional effort. If you wish to revive the image, the hair should be slightly revised, for example, adding a couple of contrasting strands of the person in bangs, making easy calibration to give the haircut mobility and volume.


Back in the eighties

In the eighties, both men and women wore the hair with a crown, which was given the volume by backcombing and varnish. When short haircuts at the neck stayed extra long strands that can be tied up in a bun. It seemed that this trend irretrievably sunk into Oblivion, but, as it turned out, not so. In 2014 stylists returned this controversial trend in women’s hairdressing fashion, adding sophistication and “spice” with the help of the actual shades and process strands.

Hair in such haircuts as two-three decades ago, have volume on the crown and neck, but strands while not necessarily “broken”. A competent wizard handles the tips so that if necessary, the Mohawk could easily be turned into a normal and even formal women’s haircut.


Elongated soft rack

If you like the haircut of the caret, but you don’t want to do traditional short Bob, for example, because you don’t lets face shape and body shape, you can make a beautiful feminine long caret. The main condition is that it should not be absolutely straight, strands contour cutting is not torn, yet detailed, able to create volume, lie down in waves and dynamically move.

This haircut allows you to visually make the face look more narrow, and if it is from nature that, you may need bangs. Hair half the length from the tips easily curled in soft curls in the style of the forties. If you want to create a super trendy modern styling, dry hair, pre-treating the foam tips, podrachivala their brush inside.


Thick bangs is the basis of romantic image

There were times when the girl with the bangs were regarded as like a girl, then as a woman who wants to create an image of the vamp, had to save his forehead open. Fortunately, all of these cliches are erased using a simple haircuts for long and medium hair that is straight thick bangs that reach the eyebrows. The total mass of hair can be gently graded, preferred color is deep and vibrant with a strong glow to focus not only on fashion, but also the health and beauty of hair.

Such haircuts are suitable for women with different types of facial structure, but certainly good hair, which is not ashamed to leave her, bringing him worldwide attention. Also, do not forget that this bangs always draws attention to the eyes. If you want to gently accentuate them – go for it.

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