Hair: the complicated art of care

редкие волосыHair – the problem of aesthetic rather than medical. If hair is not his in the process of abundant deposition, namely rare nature, but they have to accept, because it is physiological peculiarity, which is impossible to change. This does not mean that you need to wear a sad tails on the hair, which cannot look beautiful and laid in a stylish hairstyle. Hair is a call that you need to take and daily care for them so that none of the others drew their attention.


The natural entity

Thick hair is a gift of nature, rare, hardly a gift of fate, but the fact remains: this feature is given from a birth, as eye color, and body type. By themselves, these hair are not a sign of malfunction in the body, so you should not rush to трихологам for advice on how to restore their health. If you never noticed deposition, therefore, thin hair for you are the norm, I need to learn to live with and care for them.

Proper care and a clever disguise pledge style and lack of complexes with thinning hair.

Hair is often called liquid, and they really are felt. If the thick, long hair hanging down on his shoulders heavy «mane», rare, especially if they are thin, barely get into a miniature tail, the weight of which was not felt. But most of all complexes women delivers not so much the fact of the subtleties of the whole mass of hair, how transparent through them scalp. This creates a feeling of a pain, because his hair is often seen in people who are elderly or those with serious diseases. «Bald spots» the young woman has become a source of huge complexes, for which she is shy to go out – it’s impossible to create a beautiful hairdo. Or is it possible?

The secret of a successful image is in the care of hair, which must not look dull and lifeless, and also use some tricks, without which it is impossible to create an individual style.


In the hope of density

There are cases when a rarity hair is just the result of omission of a certain percentage of hair follicles, which are called «sleeping». It should only their «Wake up», and hair transformed, will gain unprecedented richness and splendor, which previously had only dreamed of. You can do it using cosmetics with the stimulant effect, components content, enhance blood circulation, for example, pepper, Arnica, peppermint, eucalyptus.

Some women are happy to share their positive experience that it is a dream of other owners of rare hair. After a few applications of such cosmetics begin to grow lanugo, which then thicken and become thicker, appears volume at the roots. To check whether you have dormant follicles, buy stimulating shampoo or a mask to the scalp, serum or lotion is applied to the skin. Help cosmetic massage of the scalp that can perform a hands or a metal «мурашкой». If you have started to grow hair, you are lucky, if not, will have to take other measures ensuring their rare hair care.


Care for thinning hair: strengthening, correction, masking

First, we must remember that if nature did endowed you thinning hair, this is not a reason to give up on their hand. The more strong, healthy and shiny will your hair is the more stylish and beautiful will be your image. To prevent damage and thinning hair, do not torture the body hypovitaminosis, pick up your hair color and type of packing, and your hair will look great.

Avoid hairstyles with her hair, which, when rarity almost always look bad.

Remember the simple truth that does not require extra evidence: bright hair looks much better dark. The blondes rare hair because of the color is not so evident as brown hair and brunettes, and this technique should adopt.

Pay attention to the strengthening of hair, and to impart to the structure of density and volume. Pick a complex of cosmetic care with the content of keratin, collagen that increases the volume and strengthens the hair, so they gain vitality, dynamism and beauty.

Give the hair volume and texture, rotate them and can put in a static hairstyle. This can be spit around the head or smooth beam. Try whenever possible to give the hair volume and splendor, twirling them in curlers or twisting плойками.

There is nothing wrong in the use of artificial methods to create beautiful hairstyles. This can be unprofitable bangs, hairpieces, artificial braids wrapped on the contour of the face, hiding the rarity hair fronto-temporal area.

Rare hair can become your reason to make the increase, but to ensure that it was friendly. Inclusion into the hair man-made locks for rare hair is especially important when creating images in major events, such as a wedding or prom.

Generally sparse hair – is testimony to the short haircut or to the hair not below the shoulders. Behind them easier to maintain and easier to install, masking the natural error.

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