Hair styling is the way of expressing individuality

укладки волосAll women like to look great, but the fact that every time sprucing up, takes a very long time. For women who are always in a hurry, this is not practical. But when you are in a hurry in the morning, this does not mean that your appearance should be threatened, at least when it comes to your hair. Some simple tips that will help you make hairstyles for five minutes.

Among hairstyles sports style invariably popular ordinary pony tail, but you need to add flavor to your hair has become more graceful. Wear it high, low or side. Can try to wrap up part of the base of the tail hair to make it look «of the site. You can straighten the tail that will give you a great view or using a comb and varnish, начешите your tail, just as rock stars (looks great, if you are by nature curly hair). If you want to create youth hairstyle, try braids.

  • Dry the hair, but leave them slightly humid. Spread a little Moussa or a light gel throughout the length of your hair. Good сомните hair and then use a hair dryer, directing the stream of air at all the hair at the same time. Even if your hair from nature straight, the combination of the diffuser and styling tools give the body.
  • Beam: Tighten hair in a high ponytail, and sprinkle them with varnish, and начешите their comb. Wrap the hair around the base of the tail and attach the pins to the hair.
  • Try to make more complicated bunch. After you collect the hair in a ponytail, divide it into three parts. The first part of the wrap around your fingers, creating a large curl, secure it with the pins. Repeat the same procedure for the other two parts. After you’re finished neatly curls to add volume
  • Tighten hair beam using the most convenient method (simple twist of hair around the base of the tail is a very good option). Then stick a couple of decorative Japanese sticks, which will give your hair style Asian flavor.
  • Dry your hair and secure their studs or beautiful barrette side. Whisk the hair on the crown of the head with the help of hairspray and a comb to a state of «fluff». As alternative you can kill the hair at the bottom.
  • Create a modified French twist: simply twist the hair and secure crab. Let your hair hanging with crab, concealing it. An additional step in this hairstyle – the beginning of one half of the hair to make a pony-tail, and the other half to pick up and to solidify this crab. This option hairstyles be more durable.

Laying with combs and hair-dryer

Most of the modern methods of hair styling can be done, mastering the technique of using a comb and hair dryer. Study of these methods will not only help you look fashionable, but also to reduce the time to pack in the morning.

  • Learn all the variety of models of fans in the market and choose the one that is recommended for your type of hair. When buying a hair-dryer, pay attention to the following specifications: what number of speeds and temperatures have this model.
  • Note the circular comb on a metallic base, where styling is simplified by heating the basis brush from the hot jets of a hair dryer.
  • Wrap your wet hair with a towel and squeeze out excess water. Do not RUB the wet hair with a towel, because the anointing destroys the hair.
  • Try different styling hair to achieve a desired effect. Use a leave-in conditioner, which will protect your hair from the heat during drying.
  • Drying hair start with the back of the head, to get a perfectly straight and smooth hair gently strand by strand pull them out with a brush. If you want to create waves, roll the hair on a round brush and dry under a jet of air, until the comb is heating up.
  • To fix the waves, fan them in cold air.
  • The last stage of drying occurs on the hair, the top of the head, on the style of bangs. When the hair is completely dry, the comb it. Fix laying special means, for example, hairspray.

Tips and warnings:

Drying your hair from roots to ends protects the cuticle of the hair from damage and keeps hair, leaving it shiny.

Laying using hair gel

Styling gel has been used for over a century and is an excellent tool for hairstyling. In the application it is simple, and many women use them with pleasure. There are many different brands gels, which are sold in stores, but the basic steps for using it are the same.

  • Wash your hair with water with your favorite shampoo. Use the air conditioner if needed. Style your hair is always easier when they are clean. When you use hair gel, it’s best to decide in advance what effect you want to create: wet or dry hair. Using the gel may get one of these options.
  • Apply gel to your wet hair, if you want to get the effect of wet hair. If you want to effect dry hair, go to step number three. It is important not to blow-dry the hair immediately after applying the gel, since your hair is dry, thus effect of wet hair. When the gel is applied model hair and then allow hair to air dry.
  • Apply gel to the hair after you have dried up. During application of the gel give hair a desired shape and styling. The gel can help You create lots of different hairstyles. Not afraid to experiment. There is no need to use the gel all of the hair, and it’s okay if you use the gel only those sections that you want. Only a small amount of gel can be applied on the hair, which had been dried.
  • Use the gel to commit. You will need about thirty minutes to completely fix the installation. If you have hair gel, and then began to put other strands of hair, when you come back to the hair coated with gel – you’ll have a mess on the hair, which will be hard to fix. This remark applies to wet hair styling and dry.

Tips and warnings:

  • Combs with a wide-toothed very convenient to use when hair styling gel, unlike brushes.
  • Hair gel, according to some, is caused by damage to the follicles. Use it with caution.
  • Buy hair gel, which does not contain alcohol, as alcohol dehydrates the hair. Study the composition and preferably buy water-based gels.
  • Please refrain from the use of hair dryer, if applied on the hair gel, no matter in wet or dry, because of this, the hair can become rigid.

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