Hair styling Hairdryer – style creating with their own hands

укладка волос феномAlthough drying hair dryer seems simple procedure, it can hide a lot of tricks that lead to the fact that hair is not as good as visiting the salon. Why hair styling Hairdryer always seems much more attractive if it is performed by a professional, whether it is smooth, wavy or curly hairstyle?

Experts believe that the secret is using the right styling tools and how to use brushes desired size in combination with Hairdryer. Then we can achieve the desired result.

In addition, it is much easier to make a good laying Hairdryer, when you make someone else. Perfect styling takes a lot of practice, which have professionals – they do it every day.

There are a few secrets of a laying shared by professional stylists.

Correctly to direct a jet of air

Experts explain that to achieve super-smooth straight hair, a stream of air from a hair dryer to be directed downwards, from the roots to the ends of the hair.

укладка волос феномIt might sound like something fairly simple, but in reality it means that you have to put the nozzle of the dryer over the head. Keep Hairdryer head over quite a long time can be tedious.

You can try to dry her hair, sitting on a chair, then keep Hairdryer over the head and spray air down hair will be easier for your hands.

To learn how to skillfully use a Hairdryer and other hair styling tools

The next secret, according to the stylists, is to learn the skill of the simultaneous use of hair dryer and brush. Many people have to practice to keep the brush in one hand and a Hairdryer in the other so skillfully separate brush the part of the hair that you dry at the moment, at the same time directing a jet of air down. It takes practice.

Stylists recommend a method of «divide and rule». Divide your hair into a few strands, which are easy to work, of a thickness of five to ten centimeters, and the rest of the hair can be put to death. This makes it easier to manipulate the brush and Hairdryer, because at one time is treated less hair.

Some experts recommend to separate the hair into three or four parts. Others advise create many small strands.

Of course, we should act in such a way so that you could create the best result for your type and texture of hair, and the best way to control your tools. This means that you need to decide for yourself how many parts you will divide the hair.

Professional secrets of the blow

It seems that hairdressers can put the hair very quickly. The reason is that they do it every day for hours. Over time, they are able to quickly and effectively use the Hairdryer and can cope with even the most unruly hair.

укладка волос феномPeople who blow the house, must understand that the perfect styling, for straight, wavy or curly hair, requires time. Do you use a flat brush to get straight hair, or diffuser with long fingers, to create waves or curls, experts advise to act very slowly and concentrate on every single part of the hair, before proceeding to the next.

Pay laying enough time to create the hairstyle of their dreams. High speed blow dryer may provoke coarse hair and other troubles.

Prepare hair depending on texture

Stylists say that the money you put in hair before styling Hairdryer, can fully affect the result. Choosing the right styling hair first of all, you need to consider the type, texture, and status.

  • Thin, devoid of their hair best laid easier means, such as mousse, or a combination of Moussa and gel.
  • Hair of medium textures can well be placed with the help of mousse, or Mussa-gel, as well as the usual gel, Shine, liquids and creams for packing.
  • Thick hair require more powerful tools such as mousses, gels, creams or wax extra-strong fixing.

Choose the best styling

укладка волос феномExperts give recommendations on the creation of the desired placement (straight, wavy, or curly).

  • For direct laying use the funds for temporary hair straightening, such as the straightening cream, gel, lip balm, the luster, or other liquid funds.
  • Emphasize curls using tools created to give the hair volume and clarity.
  • Place the natural waves mousse, gel, gel-mousse and other желеобразными means.

Don’t forget that the smaller the tools you use, the softer laying. Experts advise to use heat proofing tools, if the hair is prone to damage.

Use good brushes and nozzles

All experts advise to always use a brush of the highest quality. As the hair is the most fragile when it’s wet, it is necessary to take care of them, stacking wet or damp strands. Use a brush with natural bristles.

Remember that a paddle brush is suitable for direct hair styling and round brush volumizing, waviness and texture. Choose the size of the brush in the other, depending on how much hair you work, and what texture you want to create a smooth or wavy.

If your goal is to dry your hair so they were straight, it is recommended to use high quality flat brush natural bristle, because it covers a lot of hair, and reduces the time of installation.

If you want to create the effect of straight hair, you can use the attachment for direct supply of air, and wave or free curls – nozzle cone with long fingers.

Nozzle-cap also works wonders with some types of curls.

Adjust moisture balance

Some types of hair dry faster than others. Experts believe that curly hair dry faster just because of its structure: they are always partially open.

Wavy hair dry quickly, though not as fast as curly. Straight hair, especially medium or thick, dry slowest. The secret of a perfectly balanced blow consists in that the hair must be equally wet from all sides.

Thus, when you’re running from one side of the head if the other party is in the process has dried, it is necessary to moisten. Sprinkle hair out of the bottle with a sprayer to add slightly wet and then dry them.

One of the other serious mistakes that people make, is that they try to blow dry very wet hair, the water dripping. With such hair-drain laying tools, they will also be very difficult to lay down. Another mistake is to continue to dry her hair, which had already dried at 100 %.

Alternate hot and cold air, and end the chill air

Stylists notice that hot air from a hair dryer opens cuticles and allows to form a laying. Finishing laying strands jet cool or cold air, you «close» the newly created texture strands.

Start with the hot air, and end the cold, working with each strand to first create the desired shape, and then fix the installation.

The key to creating a successful fitting is to ensure that the hair is 100% dry, although, of course, after that you should not be dry. How to know if your hair is warm from the dryer that they are 100% dry? You can do the following. Finished with a chunk of hair, giving it a cold or cool air. Then, check for a lock of his fingers. If you do not have a hair dryer with the function of filing cool or cold air, think about how to buy it.

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