Hair styling at home – stylish hairstyle own hands

укладка волос в домашних условияхFashion trends come and go, but smooth, shiny hair, full volume and movement never lose their relevance. No matter what the natural structure of your hair is thin, soft waves or tight curls. You can get elastic, smooth silky hair, making hair styling at home, without having to use the Ironing hair straightening. With the right tools, styling products and some tricks blow-drying, you can easily achieve the desired result.

Washing and conditioning

Apply a small amount of the shampoo to the hair roots and gently massage the scalp. Let the shampoo down the hair, cleaning ends. Air-conditioned do it the opposite way: apply it to your hair from the middle to the ends, avoiding the scalp and hair roots. Remember, the stiffer and thicker your hair is the more creamy must be air conditioning.

Council laying: drying your hair with a towel, gently press them, but do not RUB. Then apply for hair styling. Take a walk through your hair with a wide toothed comb, unravelling the hair and homogeneously distributed tool for laying.

Divide your hair into several parts

It is easier to cope with the laying and facilitate drying hair Hairdryer, divide your hair into several parts. First hike from ear to ear to remove the front part of the hair from the back, then divide these two parts into two smaller ones. Tighten the hair on each of the sites in the small available nodes and tighten the clamps.

Council laying: if you have thick, curly hair, divide them into smaller areas, to facilitate the work.

Dry your hair with a round brush

Use a special attachment on the Hairdryer to concentrate the flow of air. Working through the one piece of hair at a time, place the round brush the hair roots (the longer the hair, the more must be brush diameter). Pull the hair brush, directing the flow of air down hair, and move slowly brushed away the hair roots to ends, directing a jet of air traffic for the brush. Repeat until this strand will not be thoroughly dried. Proceed to the next step before moving on to the next strands of hair.

Council laying: not обжигайте scalp and hair. Keep moving Hairdryer forward-back or in small circles, even if you’re still working with one lock.

Roll the hair in curlers

Drying Hairdryer one part of the hair, roll it in curlers medium in size, then secure the invisible, not to disturb you while you dry the following strand. Do not twist the curler is too tight, otherwise they may get stuck and become entangled in her hair. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with each strand of hair.

Council laying: to your curls held out longer, use smaller styling.

Secure hairspray

When all sections are dried and rolled onto curlers, lightly sprinkle them hairspray Central fixation. Leave on hair curlers for another ten minutes.

Council laying: keep bottle of nail Polish at a distance of 40-50 cm above the head, and walk through all the hair of one long stream to the varnish, vysohnuv, was not sticky and hard.

Remove curler

After ten minutes to remove hair invisible and curlers. That was not obvious transitions between strands, gently «comb» of their fingers. Warm up a bit of cream for laying between your hands and walk them through his hair.

Council laying: go naughty выбившимся hairs to paddle brush for the hair, previously sprinkled it with varnish. If you find it difficult to cope with hair about a line of their growth, sprinkle hairspray toothbrush and smooth her hair.

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