Hair straightening with an iron on medium hair – 7 variants hairstyles

плетение кос на средние волосыSpit is always fashionable, stylish, feminine and beautiful. Different hairstyles with braids can be matched to the different dress to evening dressand jeans and even leather biker jacket. It’s best, of course, to do these hairstyles for long hair, but if you have medium length hair (approximately blades or slightly below), to refuse hairstyles with braids don’t need a straightening with an iron on medium hair is actually not a difficult task. Much harder to make a braided hairstyle, for example, a haircut, short Bob, but some women and cope with it very well.


French braid and ponytail

French braid can be made, even if your hair is long only to the shoulders. Peel off quite a thick strand that begins above the right or left temple and ends just below the opposite temple. Others collect hair in a high pony tail, and the hair, apply a mousse for styling and carefully comb. If you begin to weave the braid over the left temple, comb the hair to the right (spit will frame the forehead and down to his right temple), if on the right, then Vice versa.

Now let’s start to braid a French braid. From your thick strands select a thin strand of hair and divide it into three parts. Place the right strand over the middle, then the left over the middle. Now take your thick strands of one thin strand of hair, add it to the right strand, and again place it over the middle strand. Whipping braid, adding all new locks.

French braid should end approximately behind the ear, or slightly below.

The tip of the spit braiding in a regular braid. If it happens long enough, wrap it around the base of the tail, and fasten invisible under the tail. If length is missing, just fix the tip of the braid with a small elastic band and secure it with stealth.


Updo with French braids and knots

Apply hair mousse for styling and rascalities. Divide the hair into three roughly equal parts: the first is on top, the second at the base of the head, and one in the middle. The upper strand twist into a loose plait or cord, tie a knot and secure with small studs just below the crown. The average strand divide into two equal portions. From each of these strands braiding French braid from the temples to the nape. The ends of two KOs tie in a knot and secure with pins under the top node. The bottom strand just divide in half, make two French braids, tie the ends of the braid, and secure site. The finished hair, apply hairspray medium hold.


French waterfall

French waterfall is a very fashionable nowadays spit, you can even braid the hair length to the chin.

Begin to weave the waterfall above the right temple. Divide the thin strand into three parts. Crossed lower and middle strand so that the lower strand was above average. Release the middle strand, so it just hung down. Whipping braid, adding new strands, and each segment let another strand. Finish the netting above the left temple, and secure the braid small decorative barrette or elastic band. If desired, the hair of medium length, you can weave double and even triple French waterfall.


Upside down French braid

Many of us have rocked spit in my school years – then it was still called “dragon”. Today, this hairstyle is very relevant, and is suitable not only for school, but for the office, meetings or parties. Begin to weave its just like a normal French braid a strand of hair in the crown area divide into three parts and will perekrestie extreme and middle strands, then at the lock should be over and under the middle strand. Continue to weave braid, adding thin strands of hair.

The free ends of the hair can be collected in a pony tail or braid short hair, hide it under the “dragon”, and consolidate multiple spikes or stealth.



It is very simple and, at the same time, stylish hairstyle, which will decorate any girl. Take a thin strand over the left temple, braiding it into a regular braid, and secure it by stealth over the right temple. The ends of the hair using the Curling curl soft waves. When the hair is ready, apply on hair a little hairspray medium hold.


“Malvina” with pigtails

Comb your hair and highlight two strands on the right and left temples. Braiding hair strands from the left, and secure it with the elastic band (best to use for this transparent silicone rubber). Then braiding another braid of the second strand, tie the tails in a knot on top, and secure it by stealth.


French braid from knots

This stylish, beautiful, and at the same time simple hairstyle can be done on medium to long hair. Before you start braiding, be sure to apply hair mousse or other styling product. Carefully comb your hair, and take two strands of a width of about three inches from the right and left sides of the forehead. Tie a simple knot. Take the right and left another thin is fine, add them to the left and right strands, and tie another simple knot. If necessary, the nodes can be fixed by stealth.

Continue to add new locks in a braid and knit nodes until the braid reaches the neck. Next, on your choice, you can make free ends of the hair simple ponytail, braid their usual pigtail, or to hide your hair under the nodes. In the latter case, fix the hair a few hairpins and/or stealth. Apply on hair lacquer medium hold.

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