Hair straightener: luxury smoothness and gloss

распрямитель волосWomen’s passion for change knows no age, or even logic. The people with straight hair is almost certain there will be at home hair rollers or Curling for perming if your hair wavy from nature, you have to tame the irons. Hair straightener become not only girls with unruly curls, but with a relatively straight hair, if they are not smooth. This tool is indispensable for creating a strict business or elegant image with shining curls, and manufacturers constantly support the interest of issuing new configuration.


Iron beauty

Hair straightener is a device consisting of two plates connected at the base, equipped with an external or internal spring loaded mechanism for the convenience of pressing hair. About half of the inner side of the распрямителя occupy his working surfaces – нагревающиеся plates, hair pressed and gain smoothness. This device is most often called hair iron due to the similarity principle: flat a red-hot plate smoothes the hair, such as iron, which passes through the crumpled tissue, leaving it smooth.

That is, if you leave the hot iron on the fabric? Of course, he blow it. The same thing happens with hair, easily damaged at the result of incompetent use распрямителя. Many girls believe that it is enough to buy expensive iron with high quality coatings and daily pulling their hair, without worrying about their health. Unfortunately it is not. Any affects hair straightener high temperatures that can reach 250 ° C. Covering only a few outweighs the harm of this procedure, allowing you to straighten your hair less painful for them.


Fashion elegance

Fashion for straight hair is finally formed only by the end of the twentieth century, and now it has acquired a truly global scale. If earlier, women want to get curly hair, which in one form or another wore in the forties, in the seventies, eighties, twirling a curler or making permanent chemistry, the new Millennium brought new canons of beauty. Fashion is not just beautiful hairstyles, but, first of all, healthy hair, an indispensable attribute of which is a glossy Shine. Modern manufacturers of instruments for hair quickly catch this trend, and began to offer not just straightener, but devices that are able to give hair Shine with the minimum harm.


Types of hair straightener

распрямитель волосWhen pressing hair only began to conquer the market instruments of beauty, they were with metal plates. Metal is definitely good straightens even the most crazy curls, but severely damage the hair, destroying the structure with each use. Already at the stage of existence only metal straightener brand began to produce tools with replaceable nozzles, which do not simply pull out the hair into a flat brilliant canvas, but gave them a interesting style using, for example, zigzag plates.

A kind of revolution was the use of ceramic plates, which are already not damage hair like metal. Ceramic floor is heated evenly and not burn the hair, making them straight and shiny. By the time of the invention of ceramic coatings for утюжков started to produce devices that have a good temperature controller. Thanks to the use of such straightener has become even more secure, because ceramics keeps a good set parameters of the heating.

Турмалиновое coating raised a Valet at a level above the previous types. Such instruments have an in-built function of ionization, providing hair even more careful straightening, with preservation of lights and protection from пересушенности and burning.

Metal, ceramic and турмалиновые plate is most common in modern распрямителях. But there are others such as Teflon. Teflon iron perfectly suitable for women who pull the hair with the use of styling fixing or термозащитных funds. On Teflon no trace remains of cosmetics, which sticks to all previous types.


How to use распрямителем hair

To use this tool should be only on dry hair. Pulling wet curls can only Hairdryer and with hot irons you run the risk of burn them and damage the straightener. Select one strand width of a maximum of 5 cm, hold it plates pressing the root zone and slowly move the ends, not staying in one place for more than 3-5 seconds.

For best results, you should use the funds for laying necessarily with термозащитным effect. Apply them to dry hair, spreading from the roots of carefully расчешитесь and start to straighten the top, moving from the area of the forehead and top to bottom strands. When the top hair be straightened, take their barrette-crab on top and continue to work with the bottom. After straightening your hair, you can sprinkle spray fixative against humidity with the radiance effect.


Choice распрямителя

Buying распрямителя hair should not be spontaneous and thoughtless. When selecting a tool to build on your hair type and condition. In any case avoid metal Ironing – there are a lot safer alternatives, which will not cost you state. Perfect – tourmaline straightener. He gently pulls steep curls and adds Shine, not dry them. Pay attention to the functions of the instrument: should be provided for temperature regulation and adjustment of temperature and duration of exposure, depending on the type of hair.

High-quality hair straightener produce stamps Babyliss, Rowenta, Braun, Vitek, professional – Valera, Velecta Paramount, Moser. Modern equipment for domestic use have come close to its functionality to professional already a little than differ from them.

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