Hair loss in children is a common problem

выпадение волос у детейChildren age has its distinctive features, and certain diseases or health problems should not cause special anxiety. The organism grows and develops, and normalization of work of all organs and systems will occur in adulthood. Some deviations from the norm cause parents serious excitement, because they are traditionally associated with adulthood. Hair loss in children is a norm or an issue where you need to sound the alarm?


The loss in infancy

At birth, the child’s hair is soft and gentle, looking more like a fluff. The main difference hair newborns from hair adult that kids hair shaft is much narrower, and the hair follicle is not so deep. After a few months the hair will fall out, giving way to a stronger hair with strong roots.

Hair loss in children in infancy belongs to the category of physiological norm, and should not cause concern. This happens at the age of about three to four months, some kids hair changed almost invisible to the eyes of a stranger, especially if they are thin, and the new start to grow, other loss is more pronounced. Some kids completely bald, other local loss, such as fluff with the frontal and temporal area falls, and on the crown remains crest. No special activities for strengthening of hair growth do not have to spend, the main thing – to provide children with adequate nutrition.


Loss as a result of disease

The child may experience a fungal infection of the body, such as ringworm, which affects the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes. This form of fungal attacks the hair follicles, resulting formed sites with Nude scalp with fungal education rounded. The lesion can be one or more, but in this case the problem of hair loss is not paramount. It is necessary as soon as possible consult a doctor for treatment of fungal infection, after which the hair growth should resume.

Alopecia areata in its manifestation is similar to the fallout from ringworm. On the scalp are formed islets bare skin. They do not cause physical disturbance, but can be complex, especially in girls, especially if the hair is dark. Alopecia areata is to autoimmune disorders, that is, the immune system attacks the hair follicles own body. As a rule, this hair loss is accompanied by other violations, for example, changes of nails, which are hilly or covered with white dots.

At occurrence of alopecia areata should also consult a doctor on the subject of strengthening the immune system of the child, nutrition and the prevention of stress. Themselves stress can cause hair loss that occurs in younger school age.


Loss due to stress

At the age of five to seven years, the child experiences a change in its social role. At this age, he begins to learn, it is most than before, responsibility. Some children suffer these changes, and the state of permanent stress at any age becomes a cause spasm of the vessels, disorders of blood circulation in the scalp, poor blood circulation and nourishment of hair bulbs that almost always leads to the loss. If you notice that your child is not able to stand the journey to school, was nervous, he was not given any items not let things drift, not to have to treat serious somatic diseases. Hair loss among primary school children is a Wake-up call that we need to take.


Hair loss due to unbalanced nutrition

This is a common problem not only adults who sit on a diet, but also children in the early school years experience violations in the habitual diet. Skip Breakfast because of the risk of being late to school, eating cold food, fast food is not the best way appear on the status of the growing organism. Coupled with stress, poor nutrition leads to hair loss, to stop you want to review the daily diet.

Children necessarily need calcium, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins of group B, which guarantee a strong and healthy hair. In a child’s diet should include dairy products, nuts, grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables. If necessary, you can give a multivitamin, but not to abuse, and to stick to the prescription. If hair loss in children is associated with a deficiency of nutrients, for the normalization process will take several months.


Additional assistance

For prevention of hair loss in children, parents can make a light massage of the head with hands or special massagers. During massage the scalp increases blood circulation, improves blood circulation and nourishment of hair bulbs.

When shampooing child needs a mild shampoo, adapted for children’s skin and hair.

If the loss cannot be applied make-up, which is usually in these cases buy adult – shampoo and mask with the contents of active ingredients such as peppermint, eucalyptus, Arnica. A baby’s skin is too thin and delicate for such experiments.

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