Hair color for green eyes depends on your color type

цвет волос для зеленых глазGreen eyes – a relative rarity, and it is not surprising that their owner rarely remain without attention of the opposite sex. It is assumed that they first appeared on certain areas as a result of interaction of different cultures – for example, when they began to work steadily in the trade route between Russia and China. Be that as it may, green eyes have a special, sometimes – mystical charm, and if nature gave you such a gift, why not make them more vivid and expressive, choosing the suitable hair color for green eyes?


Best hair color for green eyes

If you choose the hair color on the coloration of the iris, it is better to give preference to extremes: brown hair, dark blonde, caramel, and ashy tones, usually do not underline the beauty of the green eyes so effectively as quite bright, dark and rich red tones.

  • Red hair and green eyes – classical, popular, however, has always relevant and attractive combination. This is a vivid example of how the game on the contrast gives the appearance of brightness and special expressiveness. What shade of red it is better to choose depends on the color type.
  • Blonde. In combination with blonde hair green eyes seem translucent and iridescent – this illusion cannot create any other color. In bright sunlight Golden curls emphasize the bright colors in the green eyes, making them almost colorless and eye shadow acquire juicy greens, and thanks to a play of color image becomes quite fascinating.
  • Black and dark brown color emphasize emerald tones green eyes. Very effective in combination with green eyes hair color Voronova wing – they seem to highlight the darkest shades of green, giving the eyes a similarity with precious stones. However, such color dare not every woman, so together with the advantages he relentlessly emphasizes facial imperfections. Dark brown and dark brown colors also look quite impressive and suitable for women who do not have perfect skin and facial features – that is, almost everyone.


Green eyes, the color type and hair color

To find a really suitable for your hair color, it is better to focus not only on eye color, but the color type. Color matching as eye color, and skin tone will look the most natural and better emphasize the advantages of appearance, and will hide some flaws.

  • Spring color type: light skin with Golden or peach shade. Green eyes bright shades, often with a touch of light grey or Golden specks. Owner of this color type is usually easy blush and many of them are freckles. Natural hair color often blond, light blond or red-haired, and although there are brunettes with spring color type. Women with the same color type and green eyes perfect and Golden honey blonde, brassy tones, deep shades of brown with Golden shimmer, strawberry blonde and other light colors with shades of red or gold. Very dark colors are best avoided – they are only suitable for women with cool color type.
  • Summer color type. Of the representatives of this color type green (often with shades of dark gray steel color) eyes combined with pale pink or pale olive skin. Natural hair color is light or dark blonde and ash blonde; there are also dark brown tones, muted, without reddish or Golden shimmer. Women with this type of appearance are different ash shades, platinum blonde, and red hair with purple or red shade. Copper and gold tones should be avoided because they can add to the age of “summer” women five or even ten years.
  • Autumn color type. Green eyes this color type can be of different colors, often found caret-green eyes. Leather light beige, peach or bronze, but always with a yellowish tinge. Natural hair color – various shades of brown with red or copper shimmer. When painting, you can simply make your natural hair color more saturated, selecting the paint on one or two shades darker for most of the autumn girls it will be a very good option. Also ideal Golden-brown and chestnut shades. For those who want to lighten your hair, you should choose Golden, strawberry or honey blonde tones such combine well with green eyes, and skin, yellowish. Ashy tones, in contrast, can make the skin pale and even sickly.
  • Winter color type. Pale or olive skin, always with a bluish shade. Green eyes this color type are rarely mixed with other colors, but in any case they have an intense color that creates a striking contrast with the whites of his eyes. Natural hair color is usually light brown or dark brown to blue-black. To emphasize the dignity of the “winter” appearance and beauty of green eyes, choose shades of red with a cool blue shade, and cool shades of brown and chestnut. You can also afford extremes, for example, ash or platinum blonde or black color, but provided that will avoid Golden and warm red shades.

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