Grooming scissors: healthy hair in a stylish hairstyle

стрижка горячими ножницамиWhat is grooming scissors and is it really as effective as it is told, can be judged only on their own experience. The effect of hair cutting scissors some women can be very noticeable after the first visit to the hairdresser, while others may find this procedure is useless. The hair is different for everyone, some more smooth and healthy, others dull and porous, so the effects of the so-called absence can be manifested in different ways.

How effective grooming scissors can be judged upon its execution, evaluation requires not one day or one week. Masters-hairdressers who are well informed about what is hot scissors, why they are needed and what are their advantages, can not guarantee its customers the inevitable result. Competent specialists are not forced to have a haircut, they should tell us why you cut your hair with hot scissors, leaving the choice of the customer.

The effect of hair cutting scissors will be higher if you combine it with other treatments that improve the quality of hair, for example, with laminirovanie or lamination.


How do hot scissors

A haircut was referred to as therapeutic and all because of the properties of hot scissors, which have on the hair shaft effect, not comparable with short hair conventional instruments.

Scissors for hot haircuts are electronic device, which requires the inclusion in the network. Their parent is German company Jagiuar, known as one of the leading suppliers of professional hairdressing equipment for the masters of the world. These scissors has convenient button control system, which allows you to record and maintain a stable temperature of the blades that are in contact with hair, otstega it. For different hair types your preferred temperature, so grooming scissors Berezhnoy is adapted procedure.

To learn how to operate hot scissors, you need to think about the structure of the hair shaft and imagine what happens when a standard haircut. Hair is made of protein keratin as a main component, and water, lipids, pigments and other elements, all of it covered with scales, layering each other by the type of tile. When there is a normal cut the tip of the hair still naked and nutrients are free to leave. If the scissors are sharp enough, hair torn, inevitably cut the tip.

Hot scissors for hair more secure, because the heated cutting surface sealed tip, not allowing useful substances to leave it.

Hot scissors for thin hair become a real salvation for a long time keeping their dense, elastic, not allowing tips to russicats.

But for all its merits, hair cutting scissors often exaggerated in their value. Of course, water, vitamins and nutrients will leave the hair shaft, but it will be slower.


What gives grooming scissors

стрижка горячими ножницамиFirst of all, smooth contours, which decorate some of hairstyles. Due to the fact that the natural nutrient loss is slower hair longer retain shed, its luster, the tips are less cut hair less break down the entire length.

Technology of grooming scissors is no different from the usual cutting – the only difference in the result. Especially recommended for women with any length of contour cutting scissors, allowing to save a beautiful form, cutting off the split ends and avoiding their appearance in the next three months. Junior or women who are scissors for self-trimming hair, need to understand how to shave hot scissors. This is done only on dry hair that if the work does not cause any discomfort because of the fast cutoff heated saw blade, which is not usual scissors.

Grooming scissors hair is fine, of course, is not a panacea, it will not make hair is thick and long. However, she transforms her hair, allowing up to three to four months to enjoy a smooth contour and smooth tips. The same applies to work with damaged dull hair that undergo frequent stains or discoloration.

On a haircut can get off one time for fun. You may want to return to normal scissors, but also you may enjoy the condition of your hair and it will become your regular procedure in the Barber shop.

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