Graduated four of a kind: updates canons

градуированное кареGrading hair sometimes termed «degrade» are one and the same. Under this hair process of work with the hair imply elaboration of strands with their thinning, прореживанием to give texture of the hair and ease of installation. Graduated caret is one of the ways to try on a new image, refusing, finally, from the rigid and strict lines, which are traditionally peculiar diverse haircut.

Graduation – step serious enough to treat it with due care. Many women decide to create such a haircut on their own, the advice of friends, or untrained wizard, then shed tears due to the fact that the hairstyle looks terrible, laying became a torture that the hair has to be taken into the tail, because the loose and they seem thin and painful.

Calibration of the length of the caret becomes even more crucial step. Because if you let the hairdresser to make such degrade, if you are not satisfied with their hair cut, you will be futile to attempt to give a haircut style and volume of short hair. Graduated caret can you come or not to come, so calculate all the possible consequences of this, let a very simple wizard for grooming.

Processing of strands for a method of calibrating may be from the sides or only on the tips, as well as throughout the mass hair-point cut – make no mistake in choosing your style.


Who would graduated caret

There are women who years are strict direct caret and are looking for a way to revive it and give hairstyle dynamics. Graduation is a perfect way, but they continue to be interested in: but would I graduated caret?

All depends on the type of hair, their condition and shape of the face. If the hair is by nature good, thick, heavy, graduated haircut will be a wonderful way to create the Foundation of the other styles. The happy owner of normal hair type and dark chestnut shade can easily expose their length caret calibrating, because machined tips will not deliver hassle and will «watch» in the given direction.

The opposite situation facing women whose hair by nature prone to dryness, have mild to cool wave, damaged, or nature’s quite thin and lifeless. Graduated four of a kind on such hair looks stylish professional styling inside, immediately after cutting. In the home, women face the fact that the tips became uncontrollable, sticking out in different directions, curl and stratified. It often happens that the master makes a graduation with subsequent прореживанием edge филировочными scissors. Hair who need treatment, not suitable graduated caret.


Graduated caret and face shape

The caret may be built on the sides of the great for women, whose faces are in need of visual correction. This hairstyle harmonizes face with sharp features, angularity, with severe square jaw. If forehead significantly wider or narrower lower part of the face (form «pear» or «strawberry»), it is better to make graduated caret with bangs. The undoubted advantage of this haircut becomes her incredible mobility and liveliness, because four of a kind – is quite short hair length to remain always fresh, shiny, healthy, without a hint of split ends.

If the face is wide, round or square, graduated the caret should be well thought out. Degrade should not start at the level of the school is to nominate a person visually on the first plan, stressing all its flaws. The caret should be long enough and calibration should start already under the chin.

The full-face with the expressed roundness and the presence of the second chin short graduated caret is contraindicated. Better to stay on the length not above shoulder level, to make a direct, but not heavy and not very ragged fringe, giving start calibrating under the chin or slightly higher. Large features also best not to combine with fine degrade when the caret.

The best option for the harmonious visual merge with graded caret will become an oval face, is not outstanding in the lower jaw. Young girls tend to experiment with the appearance can try on asymmetric graduated caret with soft layers throughout the mass of hair. Particularly impressive this haircut looks on the hair, which combines two to three related tone.

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