Garra Rufa fish hydro

Garra Rufa fishMiraculous properties of Garra Rufa fish are open long enough. In the countries of the South – Asia these fish are called to as fish-doctor, and have long been used to treat various skin diseases. In our time, the popularity of social ihtiomassazha caught in the resort island of Honshu, which created the first center with ryboterapii.

Fish Spa has become very popular, in fact this ancient form of treatment was reborn again in the 21st century. In America and Europe ihtiomassazh quickly became one of the most popular procedures in all age categories.

The secret to the popularity of these small fish – a selection of special enzymes that help to restore the skin and maintain elasticity. Due to the unique structure of the mouth, they act as a scraper, while not removing the excess tissue. That is why the procedure is not enough that is painless, and even enjoyable. Very carefully and delicately exploring every inch of skin, the fish are removed rough skin, cleanse the pores. Garra Rufa fish have no teeth.

Scientists in the research found that the enzyme, which is found in the saliva of the fish has obvious curative qualities, has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Sometimes even these cases where the fish help in cases where the medicine does not always work (psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis different).

Besides medicinal properties, ihtiomassazh relieves stress, stabilizes blood pressure, and has a general relaxing effect on the body as a whole, as well as a very gentle effect on the nerve endings. Procedures make both adults and children.

Fish bred in aquaria, with as similar to their natural habitat with water. Fish must be transported in specially designed containers, in the salons held in special aquariums under the supervision of experienced professionals.

After several years of active use, revealed some shortcomings of the procedure. In centers where there is a price list of this procedure, you must remind you that this procedure has a number of small risks.
1) The water in which the procedure is performed, does not change after each client, which can lead to violations of health and inflammation;
2) Fish can be carriers of fungal diseases are also likely to allergic reactions, dermatitis.
3) At present there is no method of cleaning the fish and water from bacteria.

I hasten to note that complications are very rare in developed countries are serious about the procedure, and therefore the risk is minimal. And the inhabitants of less developed countries advise caution and vigilance.

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