Formal hair styling – for the mood

вечерняя укладка волосIt is very common for the release we pay special attention to outfit and makeup. However, formal hair styling plays an important role. For beautiful hairstyles hair should be clean, shiny and healthy. Next thing for fantasy.


Types of hair styling

  • Beam, high or low, different shapes or unchanged classic version.
  • Graphic tail.
  • Beautiful Hollywood waves.
  • Haircut rock style for short hair.
  • Huge lot of original accessories to decorate any hairstyle.

Long hair, curled in ringlets with a side predelom and flowing lock of hair on the face – a quick hairstyle that can easily be performed using large rollers or Curling irons. This option is ideal for owners of long hair who want to preserve the naturalness even at the party. You can add various hair accessories: headband, small hair clips, headband.


Hair – beam

As the evening stacking can make a beam with the effect of rattrapante. To do this, gather your hair back into a bun while leaving a few loose strands around the face and on the top of the head.

Kare for medium length hair is easily transformed into a short Bob with the “crumpled” curls and volume effect on the tips. Moreover, this effect can be achieved in various ways.

  • On damp hair, apply volume mousse throughout the length of the hair excluding the roots. Then scrunch with your hands. Dry hair with diffuser attachment.
  • Use large hot rollers or conventional rollers.
  • Work through the hair with a Curling iron, comb, and slightly necesite to give a little volume.

Beautiful and elegant looks big bunch. To do this, gather your hair back into a low beam. For volume, use a special “donut” and the tips of the hair pre-curl.

The beam scythe can be easily turned into an evening hairstyle. Inverted braid at the back and collected the tips in a bundle on top – original, but not a simple idea hairstyles.

Braid, made in the form of a zigzag – great formal hairstyles. A braid with decorations on one side – hair style fit for a Princess.

Conical beam requires volume and significant length of hair. The tail is sprayed with varnish and distribute it into strands, which are then spin in large buckle.

Asymmetrical harness runs on the side. Hair twisted into a bundle and the ends are collected into a bundle.

Romantic beam is usually performed on the back of his head. Hair pre-nasasyvat for easy volume and collected in a bun at the nape. Hairstyle complement the dressing.

You can gather hair in a low ponytail and well it smooth. The tail can be divided into parts with rubber bands.


Styling for long hair

For a romantic plait hair twist on the side of the head, gradually adding strand by strand. Hair ends at the shoulder and secured with elastic tape.

Banana rock – the perfect hairstyle for a party with dress code formal dresses. It is a combination of contemporary and classic styles, hairstyle that never goes out of fashion.

Braid, braided in the form of tiaras, can be described using three words: elegance, tenderness, modernity.

If you want to give your hair volume or to make them longer, you can use special locks extensions. Strands can be both natural and synthetic, neutral or colored. The advantage of strands is that you can fix them yourself. To change hairstyles quite a few strands. Of course, it is better to pick up the strands that blend with the color of your hair. Before you buy overhead hide-and-seek, decide what you want, natural or synthetic. They are distinguished by price and, of course, result. Synthetic strands very quickly become dull and easily confused. The risk is that you will not be able to wear them often. Natural growth will look more harmonious. Besides, they are better preserved after washing.


Short haircuts

Beautiful formal hairstyles can be done not only long but also short hair. The best option haircut caret wob. Curls for quads give hairstyles playfulness and sexuality.

For a romantic party short hairstyle can be decorated with small accessories.

For Bohemian style, you can twist the strands on the sides in thin plaits and fasten invisible flat clips.

The classic Bob can be slightly upgraded, Curling your hair in ringlets.

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