Festive hairstyles for girls: beautiful, comfortable, safe

праздничные прически для девочекWomen at any age want to be beautiful, and even little girls love to dress up and effectively to style your hair to look like a Princess. Pretty holiday hairstyles for girls help young ladies to feel confident that develop taste and just pleasing to the eye. But it is important that hairstyles were not only beautiful but also convenient, otherwise the event will be changed into torment.


Elegant hairstyles for short hair

Mothers of girls with short hair, there is no need to master the art of applying rollers or Curling hair, and braiding. To make spectacular styling from hair length to the chin by using various hoops and diadems. Be superfluous and a variety of pins, playing primarily decorative.

Beautiful hoops are embellished with stones, sequins or flowers, instantly make a festive way. Sure girls will like and this decoration, like a diadem is a type of wrap with imitation of the crown. Young ladies are charming look with short tails of hair, and the more tails, the better.

Colorful barrettes with a spectacular jewelry is not a very well kept hair, but help in a matter of seconds to decorate the hair. It is desirable that the decor wasn’t too long and get tangled up in your hair. You should also avoid hair clips with sharp edges.


Average hair length: large selection of hairstyles for the holiday

For owners of medium length hair (chin to shoulders) there are a variety of different hairstyles. Some of them are easy to implement, you need to work hard.

If the hair itself is beautiful and thick, then the ideal option would be to just dismiss them, decorating beautiful Hoop, a tiara, ribbons, flowers (better artificial), shiny bows or hair clips. Even more effective would this hairstyle, if strands to curl into ringlets. Thus it is not necessary to wrap all the hair – a pair of lovely curls on the background of straight hair will also look very interesting.

For active girls who are unlikely to keep fine hair with flowing hair, perfect different braids. Various types of braids allow the creation of medium length hair a variety of elegant hairstyles. “Spikelets”, “fish tails, braids-wreaths and braids-braids – a lot of options. Intricate netting also can be decorated with bows, ribbons, flowers, rhinestones and pearls.


Festive hairstyles for long hair

Long hair is the pride of every girl. This length allows the imagination to roam and to try different hairstyles. To create a glamorous hairstyle from long well kept hair is much easier than from other hair length. Even the usual “tail” will look elegant, if you decorate it with bright decorations, mesh, flowers, ribbons, netting or elastic curls.

For example, hairstyle, “high tail” is a great option for the holiday. Near the face can produce a few curls, and the base of the tail decorate original braided hair. Looks interesting and the combination of braids and ponytail: for example, on temples hair braided in plaits, which are then fixed on the top of his head, moving to the lush tail.

In General, a variety of hairstyles from braided to long hair is amazing. This and a variety of braids and wreaths, and complex cross-netting, and bundles of all kinds. Braids are perfectly preserved throughout the holiday and look very interesting – many stylists consider this hairstyle is a perfect option for young women with long hair.

Dissolve long hair is not always convenient: these hairstyles can easily disarranged. But the traditional “Malvina” would be a good solution: the hair above the forehead and ears are fixed on the top of the head, and the hair on the back of the head remain loose. A beautiful piece of jewelry will complete the look and make it a truly festive.


Not only the beauty

Experience shows that even young girls are willing to endure discomfort in order to look attractive. And yet parents of young princesses should try that hairstyle is not caused daughters of inconvenience. It is desirable to avoid too much tension on the strands, which can cause headaches. This “side effect” fashionable hairstyles threatens to ruin the whole holiday.

In addition, it is better to abandon pins and pins with sharp items such jewelry hairstyles can be dangerous, especially if the child is still small. It is advisable to buy jewelry made especially for children. Unlike cheap Chinese products, such pins and studs are perfectly safe, they cannot be scratched, and all the decorative elements attached securely to a small child was able to pick off and swallow.

Active and mobile girls hardly suitable complex hairstyles that require careful handling. To keep this look, have to discard noisy and fun games for rolling the child it will become a real torture. If not to sacrifice the movement in favour of beauty, by the end of the holiday complex hairstyle will look best.

Many holiday hairstyles for girls require Curling hair. It is desirable to use “cold” methods of iron – they almost do not damage the hair in the rollers and tongs. If you want to curl your hair with a hot method, it is necessary to protect the strands with a special styling products. For thin and delicate baby hair perms using tongs is a serious test of strength. Therefore it is better not to get involved with hairstyles that are created with the use of high temperatures. A much safer option – “Granny” methods of hair braiding wet hair, hair rollers, curlers.

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