Festive hair styling: hairstyle for beauty and joy

праздничная укладка волосThe holidays are just around the corner. Gifts, decorations, makeup, no doubt you’ve thought of everything. But what about holiday hair styling? Before you do styling, you need to prepare the hair. For example, in cold season the hair dull and weak. So start preparing for the festive laying of the need in advance.


Prepare the hair

It is very important to stimulate the scalp to improve blood flow. Stop for lotion and head massage. Always choose a shampoo according to their hair type. Don’t forget the masks, which strengthen, smooth and protect hair. Any hairstyle or styling looks much cuter on the well-groomed and healthy hair.


Options of hairstyles

Options festive hairstyles unbelievable variety. Even for curly hair there are tricks to installation. Instead of hiding them let them free. After wash hair, apply mousse and dry them. Now apply the Builder gel to accentuate the curls.

If you have smooth hair, can be curled in beautiful big curls. For this it is enough to apply on hair special texturizing spray and work through each strand with a Curling iron. Instead of Curling irons, you can use hot rollers. Lock the curls varnish.

If you have short hair, then do a festive hairstyle by using the game hues. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright contrast. For example, black tips on platinum hair. You can make coloring strands of chestnut, chocolate, plum, red hues.

To liven up your hairstyle can make Bang and nothing more to add.



To look elegant, it is not necessary to have long hair, average length. The beam could not be better emphasize your femininity.

The beam-banana is suitable for any type of person. After the wash hair, curl hair curler to round off the base for ease of installation. Dry your hair with a Hairdryer. Now twist hair and fix with hairpins. Stray tresses secure with Bobby pins.

For lovers of retro style perfect the beam and a few face framing strands.



The tail – light and practical hairstyle. For the holidays, you can make an original model this hairstyle. Hide the elastic at the base, you can use strands of hair. Beautiful addition can become jewelry and accessories.

For the romantic version of the tail before collecting the hair on the back of the head, select the side a strand of hair and then twist it into a bundle.

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