Fashion fringe 2014: the stylish

модные челки 2014Bangs makes way for other, refreshes boring haircut, brings diversity in the usual style, draws attention to the eyes, emphasizing their beauty or a special evening makeup. In addition, the bangs can adjust the shape of the face and the perception of the appearance in General, masking shortcomings, allowing to attract attention to the merits. Fashion fringe 2014 will make you feel stylish regardless of age, color of hair and basic grooming.


Slash long hair cut to the chin

This haircut can be combined with any hairstyle, how long and with short hair, but best of all such bangs combined in 2014 with Bob haircuts who are not moving the neck level. This year in the fashion of the contrast between the long zones front and short hair in the back, so you can grow long hair, short hair, subsequently putting it in different ways.

This bangs allows you to experiment with images indefinitely. It can be placed on the forehead, spending on line eyebrow, then winding up by the ear pinning invisible, or a beautiful catchy barrette with jewelry. It can be pulled Hairdryer, or to smooth Ironing hair, forming the image in hard punk or rock style. This will require liquid lacquer or convenient in use wax, which secures the pointed ends, without overloading the hair styling tool.

If audacity and stiffness is not your style, then you should take example from celebrities who not hesitate to borrow images of the past, cool Curling his long bangs in a wide level curl or disheveled negligent wave.


Long bangs to the cheekbones

Bangs, the length of which is not lower than upper cheekbones, remains important, but it is less comfortable to wear than the previous one, because it cannot simply hide behind the ear, it will regularly be laid. The important thing when choosing in favor of such a Bang – it can be a good and thorough study of the master, who should do it not solid and heavy, and stylish, airy, with easy calibration, but without excessive «porandast».

Such bangs always comes to the rescue when you need to collect hair in a ponytail, but form the person does not completely take away the hair back, leaving it open. Moreover, this style is the youth, through freely falling negligent strands his forehead. This simple bangs perfectly combined with long and short hair, with perfectly straight and curled, as with her and tied up in a high or a low ponytail, disheveled or smooth beam.


Air straight fringe to brow

Some time ago in the great honor of the celebrities and other fashionable girls was heavy straight fringe, which descended directly on eyes covering an eyebrow. It was stylish, but came not for everyone. Not to mention the fact that to wear bangs not always convenient. In 2014, the trend «facilitate» volume bangs, which can not lose in length, but to become a while air quality decimation.

This bangs will fit with almost any person, because it doesn’t look heavy, but depending on the hair style can significantly change the shape of the face and refresh established image. Looks very well such bangs together with bobbed hair, which do not imply torn study strands expressed calibration, sharpness. It updates direct caret and allows the girls to gain new features romantic look with straight long hair, which none can look boring.


French bangs

Back in fashion French bangs, which, unlike all of the options above are the simplest and most established as a fashionable Barber category, and more bold. To make a cut with such a Bang, you need to have not just good and suitable form of entity, but a certain proportion of self-confidence. It can be absolutely straight and smooth, but if your hair is very thick, it is better to be thinned out, it look more fashionable to wear bangs easier.

French bangs, of course, good for young girls who wear direct caret to the ear or shoulder length, straight hair of medium length. Direct French bangs above eyebrows wonderful conceals very high and sloping forehead, her well do women who are bald patches in the zone of the temples – this drawback will not be noticeable.

This is the best Bang looks exactly with dark hair, with dramatic strands shade Voronova wing, dark brown, but you can try dynamic blonde or intense glowing red.


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