Emo bangs: from informal style to the classics youth image

эмо челкаEmo bangs can become an extension of your image, even if you don’t belong to this subculture, which, as you know, has gone deep underground and is not still in awe sensitive teenagers. Like many other attributes of beauty images of a particular style, she remained in the modern fashion, because it is a very recognizable feature of the image. You can try emo bangs for themselves regardless of their age and image, which adhere to.


Looks like emo bangs

Emo bangs is torn oblique bangs, asymmetrical, in the authentic version, covering half of his face. Appearance emo bangs are closely associated with a sense of the whole subculture emo – sensitive depressed boys and girls that obscure the eye catchy makeup in dark colors and cover their hair, as if hiding from the outside world.

Emo bangs competent hairdresser is done using the razor, which gently glides down the strands and “drops” it, instead of leaving thick bangs smooth, flowing. However, experiments with beauty, no one cancels, the more they are accessible and understandable at a young age. Emo bangs can be both single-layer and two. The last looks like a straight fringe, reaching to the eyebrows, on top of which is overlapped with the second slash. This not only allows you to add variety to the usual way, but also extends the emo image for different face types.


Suitable for emo bangs

Emo bangs is perfect for the girls who wear short and long asymmetrical haircuts. Bangs in the style of emo is more suitable hairstyles with volume on the top, and when needed, such bangs perfectly capable to cope with the correction of the face is too long, full or angular.

Hair, decorated with layers of type cascade, suitable for any person, and in combination with emo bangs it becomes a versatile option for elongated face, when you need visually to shorten it a bit, as well as for chubby face with prominent cheeks, which she balances.

Emo bangs look good on adolescent girls, who else can afford the informal style of service. In the more Mature age style emo hairstyle, expressed this bangs, should be combined with a more elegant versions of haircuts that do not descend below the shoulders.


Hairstyles with emo bangs

With the return of fashion hair style punk increased relevance and emo-bangs – unbelievable, but true, these two styles can coexist within the same hairstyles. Punk style involves contrasting combination of short haircuts and long, sometimes voluminous bangs, which may be in the emo style. In this regard, it is easy to imagine a short cut, for example, pixie, with a scythe emo bangs, the length of which can be varied at will – the perfect fashion version of modern hairstyles for young girls.

The easiest, most common and safest option for emo-bangs – stylish asymmetrical Bob with a dedicated sharp tips that are highlighted wax and lightly fixed at the roots fleece and varnish. If the person does not need any refinement, emo bangs can be normal, if it is too narrow and elongated, long or full, rounded, better to combine slash emo bangs with a classic straight-up eyebrows.

Long haircut cascade with emo bangs becomes an option feminine hairstyles for people with long and fine hair. None such hair can look dull and uninteresting, while simple bangs in the style of emo gives the image of modernity, boldness, drawing attention to the eyes.


Laying emo bangs

Whatever the length and the degree of tapering of emo-bangs, the guarantee of its glamorous image is smooth and good fixation. Style emo hairstyles acute in the truest sense of the word, so this recognizable by their “thorns”, interspersed with “blades” strands. Laying emo bangs requires little styling tool that will help her to rise, not pushes and does not shed.

Wet hair, apply foam or lotion, dry brush large diameter, being careful not to twist the bangs, and Vice versa, by pulling it. In conclusion, the bangs can be smoothed with other styling tool, but not the gel, which will make it greasy and matte paste strong hold or wax.

In order to achieve perfect smoothness emo bangs, it should be treated with the help of iron. Then the hair is pre-applied thermal insulation means, and the bangs need some time to spend smoothing tongs, in conclusion, sprinkling a light varnish or pulling the ends with wax.

Be careful when daily styling emo bangs: with ragged ends and heterogeneous thinned structure, under the influence of hot styling with time it can become dull and lifeless.

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