Elongated Bob oblique bangs: a universal basis for any styling

удлиненное каре с косой челкойThere are hairstyles which fit without exception to any shape of face, because the underlying haircut may differently be laid, also, it is so unassuming, elegant and a variable that will be a perfect base for any look, regardless of age, color and condition of hair. Elongated Bob oblique bangs is the very Foundation that you can easily adapt to any style. How best to do it, and what options offers us long Bob with asymmetrical bangs can be found by viewing some photos of famous people with different physique, face shape, hair color and styles, which they adhere.

Long Bob oblique bangs combines several indispensable features that you will definitely want to try on your image. First, compared with long and medium length hair, the caret is still short hair. It is comfortable, it is easier to maintain than long hair, but its length is enough for the hair to curl and differently styled.

Side-swept bangs are also capable of creating different styles and images: it can help to simulate short bangs to eyebrows, and if desired it can be easily hidden in hair, as if it never happened you have no bangs. This basic haircut opens in front of each woman great opportunities, which in any case is not to be missed, if you love to experiment with looks and doing different hairstyles.


Reese Witherspoon – quads with a torn short oblique bangs

Риз Уизерспун каре с рваной короткой косой челкойExample Reese Witherspoon should inspire all girls who, like her, are the possessors heart-shaped face. This form is the most optimal – to obscure forehead strands is not very long oblique bangsthat did the stylists for the actress. Because the fringe is not thick, it doesn’t create the feeling of gravity and air looks. The shape of the caret, like bangs, not smooth, but not markedly asymmetrical. The front strands slightly longer strands in the back, so the hair, despite the inclusion of skewness and ragged bangs, looks very elegant, allows you to draw attention to both the earrings and eye makeup.


Emma stone long straight Bob with long bangs

Эмма Стоун длинное прямое каре с длиной челкойThis type of elongated Bob-caret is perfect for girls with round or square faces, because the cut visually elongates your face. There is nothing what would stop opinion, it is incredibly simple. However it cannot be called naive and unformed. To haircut with long bangs would look fashionable, you need to pay attention to proper packing, pulling the strands, avoiding pusenja and twisting inside – in direct clear manner is the main highlight.


Ashley Greene – caret-ball

Эшли Грин каре-шарThis hairstyle is suited equally to owners of thick and thin hair. In the first case quads-ball when cutting from an experienced master will easily take a predetermined shape, and in the second case thin hair with this form will gain volume and confident style, which often lack.

Ashley Greene’s hair-ball is present oblique, but nearly invisible bangs length of the cheekbones, laid and fixed on one side. If necessary, it can be laid in such a way that it attracted the attention of distributing on the forehead, giving it lasting volume.


MENA Suvari – elongated quads for fine hair

Мена Сувари удлиненное каре для тонких волосThe MENA Suvari thin hair, which require proper haircut. Also the actress square face shape that needs bangs, and in this case it is a – uniform, long, laid on its side. Such long caret, strands of which the front slightly longer than back, in combination with such bangs give excellent wizard on the transformation of thin hair that is always hard to tuck in a stylish confident hair to maintain its shape for a long time.


Rihanna long Bob bangs on your face

Рианна длинное каре с челкой на лицоSinger Rihanna is a lover of unconventional haircuts and unconventional colors. Even if she makes a simple haircut, it will always be a feature that distinguishes it from the crowd of women with a similar style. In this haircut that accent is long sharp bangs, stacked in such a way that it obscures half her face.

This haircut is a caret, of course, not suitable for wearing every day, but for an evening out, why not? Especially on a beautiful healthy dark hair with a natural healthy glow.


Taylor swift – retro-wave

Тейлор Свифт ретро-волнаThe authentic style of the forties found myself in evening hairstyles for women of any age. Taylor swift, who prefers youth styles, could not resist the charm retro waves, and one day came out with a long Bob oblique bangs, stacked all canons of retro-fashion – big curl.

Hairstyle, separated by a side parting, fairly simple and does not attract as much attention as bangs, stacked with a styling tool for added Shine which falls short blonde hair.

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