Drying hair without a hair dryer: 10 useful tips

сушка волос без фенаIn the methods of drying hair a real breakthrough. According to experts, drying hair without a hair dryer – the present trend of the season. The natural method of drying has many advantages, it is worth noting its practicality and efficiency. Let your hair relax, freeing them from exposure to hot air, and your hair will thank you.

Simple tools and a little practice, and your hair will look like after salon styling, but you don’t have to dry them harmful hot air. To streamline the process here are a few useful tips that will help you look like a Hollywood diva, almost severing the head from the pillow.

  • Stepping from the shower, gently squeeze the hair to remove excess moisture, then wrap the head of old knitted t-shirt. Why not towel? The fact that rubbing hair with a towel, you could harm them, while the soft cotton fabric will absorb moisture and cares for the hair.
  • Get a comb with a few teeth. Combs and brushes for hair and thick stubble clinging to damp hair, trying to untangle the strands of such a comb, you can tangle the hair even more. To facilitate tangle free, especially if your hair is easily tangled, apply the tips and the entire length of hair a special conditioner that does not need to rinse.
  • On the more humid the entire length of hair, starting from the middle part of the hair and to the ends, apply argan oil. Argan oil well “sealed” the cuticle of the hair, preventing raspushivaniya and tangles. After argan oil, your hair will be shiny and soft as silk. And smell nice.
  • Natural drying hair does not require the use of special tools to create volume and special texture, but this does not mean that you have to forget about lush hair. To create volume and light styling you can use your own fingers. While hair is still wet, carefully sweep fingers hair at the roots, while lifting up. To create extra volume, make a parting on the opposite side of where you normally do hair, allow hair to dry in this position and when you return the instrument to its place, you will notice that the hair has become thicker and acquired an additional volume at the roots.
  • To create a relaxed, easy curls in “beach style”, apply to damp strands of a special spray that eliminates roughness of the hair shaft for easy and fashionable styling.
  • Braiding hair is not tight, loose braid. Hour of time between the moment when you get out of the shower and the time when the hair is quite dry, can be used to create the desired image and give the hair the desired shape. During the time between the moment when you came out of the shower when the hair is quite dried out, each of us can work as a sculptor, at this moment good hair “remember” the shape and contours. KOs is the perfect way to achieve a soft feminine curls.
  • If weave braid you don’t want, enough to twist hair into a bun, and after a while free flowing waves is provided to you. Putting her hair up in a bun, you smooth the cuticle of the hair shaft, the hair becomes more manageable and do not disintegrate.
  • Drying hair, never collect their gum. On damp hair, tied with a rubber band, after drying appear ugly creases, which can be eliminated only re-washing your head. If you braid damp hair in a braid or collected in the beam, it is better to fix them soft elastic fabric.
  • If you dream about elastic daring curls, twist of transactions on damp hair curler of the type Velcro. Twist the strands down, not up.
  • For added volume, apply to the root zone of a small amount of dry shampoo. You may seem strange to apply dry shampoo on freshly washed hair, but believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised by the result of this procedure. The result is a lush, beautiful hair, effortlessly and expensive styling tools.

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