Causes of hair loss: finding has value

причины выпадения волосHair loss is impossible to ignore. This disorder brings a lot of experience both men and women who are sounding the alarm, trying to find an effective remedy against him. Causes of hair loss can be diverse, but their range is quite narrow, to detect and begin treatment early. The main thing is to draw attention to it as soon as possible and not to self-medicate when serious irregularities in the body.

Hair fall all, this indisputable truth you need to take physiological given and kept it in my mind if suspicions certain deviations. If you find some hairs each brushing, especially if it occurs immediately after shampooing, this loss is normal and not worth worrying. Worry need to start, if hair loss objectively significant: after each wash in the bathroom and then on hairbrush remain whole bunches, and if on dry hair enough to run your hand from the grip to the palms left a dozen hairs. Hair loss can see поредевшей mass, when previously thick heavy hair gets into a thin tail. It remains to determine the cause of hair loss.


Seasonal loss is the norm of life

Hair loss in autumn and spring affair, especially for those who ignores hats or changes at this time of the diet. When is the time of holidays and people coming back from their long hot countries, they are often sent directly in beauty salons for the restoration of the highly propped-up hair. Besides the burnt by the sun and the desiccated sea water hair rods, which is striped and fade, to suffer and hair follicles. Feeding the roots disturbed, the hair is falling out.

If the hair save failed, begin treatment with quality pharmacy funds, enrich your diet with zinc, iron, vitamins of group B.

It occurs, as a rule, in autumn and in spring the condition of hair infringe another problem. First, winter menu often oversaturated carbohydrates and there is an acute shortage of vitamins and minerals. Spring avitaminosis is one of the main reasons for worsening the state of skin and hair, including their loss. Another common reason – the cold air, which affects hair and scalp with premature withdrawal of headwear. Suffering from a lack of useful substances roots cannot bear such a load as a result of impaired blood circulation in the scalp, bulbs do not receive adequate nutrition and care, hair begins to fall out.

The reason for the loss is the most common, it is this or that extent, exposed to most people. The simplest solution seems to be, first of all, prevention and active feeding and strengthen hair follicles. In hot or cold weather to wear hats, regularly use firming masks and serums on the scalp, massage.


Unbalanced diet

Not enough rich nutrients of the diet at any time years can cause hair loss. Know this woman, who periodically or permanently torture your body монодиетами with poor nutritional value. To hair grew stronger and had a healthy glow, they must take strength from the inside, not outside, so you can use any expensive masks, and critical deficiency of vitamins hair will fall out.

Calcium, magnesium, iron, sulphur, zinc, vitamins B5, B6, B7, B8, Biotin (vitamin H) – a basis of strong roots and excellent prevention of loss. They can be found in whole grains, raw vegetables, such as carrots, cabbage, salad, garlic, onions, citrus. If the hair falls out, it is better to buy a special vitamin complex, in which all components are balanced in such a way to solve the problem and not get gipervitaminoz.


Hormonal disorders

Any deviation of hormonal background from the norm invariably hit on the body, and the hair in this case become a mirror for these problems.

Hair loss can be caused by diseases of the thyroid gland with excessive or insufficient secretion of thyroid hormones. After birth, women almost always notice the hair loss that occurs due to a sharp decline in the female hormone estrogen. This is observed in the period of menopause, which is also characterized by hair loss.

The increased level of the male hormone testosterone can cause loss of sex. This violation is the name of androgenetic alopecia, the treatment may take a long time and bring some side effects. Requires administration of drugs that suppress the production of male hormones, which men may experience problems due to the natural decrease of sexual attraction. As effective drugs have proven Minoxidil and finasteride, which can be used for both sexes, suffering from androgenic (androgenetic) alopecia.


Situational violations: stress, illness, aggressive styling

Sometimes hair loss is not a symptom of an internal imbalance in the body, and only a short trouble, which is easily solved after some time. Recovery may occur alone or after the adoption of some measures. For example, experienced stress or during the depression may after a couple of months to make such an unpleasant effect as hair loss. Loss of hair can be seen after operations under General anesthetic, violations immunity metabolism. And in the first and in the second case, the restore can take yourself. If not, then it is worth the effort, starting the medication, which are aimed not only at addressing the problems of hair, but also to restore balance in the body as a whole.

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