Care for bangs: important nuances

уход за челкойBangs are always in fashion – they make a person younger, emphasize the eyes and even visually change the shape of the face if necessary. It is only important to choose the right type of bangs for your face and constantly take care of it, that hairstyle looked attractive. Care for the bangs quite simple, and the most important rule of success – in its regularity.


Especially care for the bangs

особенности ухода за челкойMany believe that the fringe does not require some special care. But it’s not. In most cases, the length of the strands falling on the forehead, is different from the length of the hair in the hair style. The super-long bangs on short hair – the exception rather than the rule, and usually bangs is shorter than the other strands.

Different length of hair means that get dirty the strands are uneven. Usually bangs salted much earlier than the entire hairstyle. The reasons are many: creams, cosmetics, skin oil and sweat, plenty of styling products. So, with the bangs must be cared for in a special way, so she did not give slovenly appearance throughout the installation.



мытье челкиHair falling on the forehead, need a more frequent washing than the rest of the hair. Of course, if you wash your hair every day, the difference will hardly be noticeable. But for those who prefer to arrange washing your hair every 2-3 days, or even less, is to ensure that bangs was always clean – that is, wash it separately. This can be combined with ordinary washing – just apply on the strands near the face drop of shampoo and rinse.

In some cases, for the refreshment of bangs will suit dry shampoo – it can help you get rid of excessive greasiness and residue of styling products. Dry shampoo powder or spray rubbed into strands, and then combed with comb with frequent teeth. This tool hair care not to everyone, but in some cases, for example, if you need to quickly freshen up a hairstyle, it is indispensable.

If bangs are very heavily soiled, then perhaps the fact that it is too rare. The hike to the stylist makes it easy to solve this problem: just make bangs thicker, to better and lay them “icicles”. Perhaps we should abandon tapering, I love so many hairdressers: the more hair and the thicker will be the bangs, the neater it will look.



укладка челкиEven a perfectly trimmed bangs can rarely do without styling. Hair may not hold the shape, to scatter or to twist in different directions. Therefore the owners of bangs usually have daily to style your hair over the forehead. This is good in a way: you can try different options of hair, making it smooth bangs, round, combed to the side.

Don’t overuse styling products to give shape to the bangs. First, the excess gel, mousse, lacquer and wax causes hair get dirty very quickly. And secondly, even the most delicate styling products slowly but surely spoil the hair, they lose their luster, making less supple and strong. Therefore, in order to style the bangs, is usually quite literally drops gel strong hold mousse or wax for styling.

укладка пышной челкиIf your hair is curly, get neat bangs can be very difficult. Stylists recommend to put on the locks serum for straightening hair, and then style your bangs with irons or Ironing. Elongated so the bangs should be secured with a varnish of strong fixing. Another option is during the day periodically comb the bangs comb, the teeth of which splashed lacquer. This will allow you to “subdue” unruly strands and give your bangs a neat shape.

For smooth styling bangs usually use a flat brush or flat iron. Previously should be applied to the hair styling products – for example, the gel or gel-wax with the effect of straightening the hair. It is desirable that the bangs were quite thick so it will not separate into individual strands.

To put lush bangs, you will need a round brush. To revitalize hair will help simple steps: first, bangs, light breeze when drying up, and then laid down. Do the same thing with asymmetrical bangs is their first pull to one side, and then placed in another. For a lush, layered bangs as a tool for styling a good fit mousses for hair securely strands, not sticky and doesn’t add bulk, keeping all their splendor.


The choice of the form

выбор формы челкиBangs is a great remedy to correct some of the deficiencies of the face, so when choosing shaped bangs should focus not so much on trends, but rather on the features of her appearance. For example, long thick straight bangs will highlight the eyes and accentuate the shape of the cheekbones and make the face younger. These bangs to invest carefully: if your hair is starting to fall apart into strands, the hair looks sloppy. Such bangs are perfect to elongate the face, visually balancing the proportions. But the round-faced this type of bangs will not go.

Side-swept bangs looks very stylish, it softens the outlines of the square or a rectangular face, makes the image of the feminine. However, this kind of bangs is not good for curly hair. Oblique bangs should be thoroughly fix, because it easily loses its shape.

Short jagged bangs suit round faced. It must be remembered that this type of bangs can emphasize a large nose and a too long face. To style short bangs easy – perhaps this is the only kind of person that can do it without stacking and requires minimal maintenance. But is such bangs grow as they begin to hang around in different directions and look very sloppy.

Arc bangs are a good idea for a round or tapering downward face. This hairstyle is also very important to the clarity of the lines, so do not experiment with your hair by yourself, it is best to trust an experienced stylist. Best bangs of an arcuate shape look on straight hair, so strands often pull the flat iron or round brush.

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