Caramel hair color: game of the sun

карамельный цвет волосWarm caramel tones are ideal for those who want to refresh their image, but does not want radical changes. Find a suitable coloring to get the caramel hair color, it is possible for almost every type of appearance. Women with cool color type is usually not recommended to choose shades of caramel, but in some cases they can make an exception.


Caramel brand

The word “brand” was formed from parts of the words “black” and “blonde” and is used in relation to a variety of colours and ways of coloring that are somewhere between the light and dark colors and that it is difficult to give an exact definition.

Caramel brand is a combination of warm, tender caramel color with dark Golden highlights and dark brown or brown base. To do this staining can only be experienced specialist, but efforts to search will pay off handsomely: a well made caramel brand will not go unnoticed.

Caramel brand will appeal to women who by nature dark hair and who do not want too much podkashivatsya. However, those who are willing to go to the hairdresser every two to three weeks, you can do this staining even on Rus and very blond hair.


Caramel strands and dark base

This type of staining is most effectively to look good on women with dark hair saturated colors, bright eyes (contrast caramel and dark brown will make them special expressiveness), dark eyebrows and dark or very light skin.


Caramel hair with blonde tips

This kind of Ombre makes caramel color is really rich and Golden blonde amazing sun and air. This method of painting will fit a woman with fair skin and a warm color type. Hair texture can be any, but particularly impressive combination of caramel and Golden will look for wavy and curly hair.


Caramel color and bronze colors

Most shades of caramel ideally combined with bronze and copper tones, creating a warm and bright combination. This painting will fit women with warm color type, which is not against regular trips to the hairdresser, to refresh quickly losing the bronze color saturation.


Rich caramel with a thin Golden strands

With this method of coloring hair color in rich dark caramel color, but then individual thin strands on top of paint in light Golden tone. This creates the impression of a light glow over your head, and the contrast between light and dark facial features become more expressive.

Leaving strands framing the face or spaced far enough from the front hairline, you can achieve different effects. Moreover, the coloring makes it easy to change your way: making the part in a new place, you can make light strands on the top of more or less visible or even invisible. It will suit everyone, except for women with winter color type for them, the combination is likely to be too warm.


The combination of several shades

The combination of several shades of caramel from light to dark will visually add volume, will give the impression of light and natural. Of course, actually over such naturalness must work hard hairdresser at home to make this painting is almost impossible.

Some caramel tones with a difference of semitone or tone will look the most natural and will create a smooth, soft, subtle color transitions. Shades of difference in two to three tones (or even more) will bring you more attention and at the same time will highlight facial features, stressing both advantages and disadvantages.

Women with cool color type should be added to the caramel tones and a few strands of cool colors – reddish brown without Potana, coffee and so on. Before the Barber will start colouring in detail tell him what you want, otherwise the result can make you unpleasant surprise.


Caramel color and milk chocolate

Warm color “milk chocolate” perfectly with the same warm caramel and perfect for women with warm color type, dark brown or brown hair, and brown and green eyes.


Dark chocolate and caramel highlights

Rare highlights caramel color on the background of dark chocolate hair scattered here and there in order to frame the face, on top, on the back of the head and falling on the shoulders of the strands, creating the illusion of volume and movement, and it does not look unnatural. Choose this combination, if you are by nature dark hair and warm skin tone, and if you don’t want to visit the hairdresser more than once in two months.

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